Why is Bali so popular? Reasons to visit in 2023

Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands, but why does Bali continue dominating Southeast Asian tourism? The answer is simple because of its alluring beauty: the breathtaking beaches, scenic mountains, world-famous resorts, high cultural values, and friendly nature. 

Bali has been rising in stature and popularity day by day. Tourists consider this island a tiny paradise with plenty of white sand, stunning beaches, and coconut trees. Bali is a diverse island that is well-liked by adventurers and those in need of relaxation.

Bali has many distinct regions and villages; each spot has something unique to explore. Many untouched beaches and quiet beaches make it possible for the tourist to enjoy solitude too. Let’s discover Bali together. 

Why Is Bali So Popular ?

Why bali is so popular?

Bali has a vast human history. It is blended with legends from the past about Buddhist settlers. Innumerable shrines, cave temples, and dance traditions are displayed on the island. These are Hinduism’s captivating, magical styles that attract tourists.  

Add gamelan music, batik fabric weaving, and some cuisine with a strong peanut flavor and many spices. These are all the perks of Bali island. These Indonesian islands are considered the best holiday destination because of their stunning locations at affordable prices. 

The tourism industry in Bali is continuously overlooking to make the islands more secure as there are few active volcanoes on nearby islands. The tropical environment, Balinese population, well-known attractions, and welcoming residents make the island of Bali prominent. 

Bali is visited all year round, but May, June, or September are among the best times to visit because we know there are other northern and central parts for tourists, like Park City, Utah. So we are making it the perfect destination. Let’s discuss why Bali is so popular. 

Beautiful Beaches 

What is the most obvious reason to travel to this tropical heaven in the Indonesian archipelago? The never-ending array of stunning beaches has a unique allure, from its white sand and limestone cliffs to extreme water sports. You can go diving and to other popular surfing spots. 

You can find an array of beaches for everyone according to need and mood, from the famous Kuta beach to the stunning island of Nusa Penida on the southwest coast, where you can also see dolphins. There are also unpopulated beaches like Nusa Dua.

You can join the epic 12-day Culture Trip to Bali to see some lovely places, including Ubud, Candidasa, and Canggu. Bali is so popular, but one must always recognize the four main islands surrounding it. The two most well-known of them are Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida.

These islands of Indonesia are also popular destinations where you can enjoy the culture, travel, and offer the best golf courses. You can enjoy beach parties which usually start after the sun sets, and have fine dining at the resorts near the beach.

Gorgeous Cultural Scene 

Gorgeous cultural scene

Bali is far more gorgeous among the islands of Indonesia than it appears to be. Numerous traditional cultural customs from long ago are still practiced on the island. Many inquisitive outsiders attend multiple activities and festivals hosted by the Balinese throughout the year. 

The popular events are; the monster parade that precedes the day of quiet and the Omed-Omedan kissing festival (Nyepi). You can easily access Balinese culture through music, dancing, and architecture. 

Vibrant Religious Setting

Most Hindu Balinese are spiritual people, and each home is equipped with a little temple where they regularly pray. Despite religious values, these temple junkets also allow visitors to understand the local culture. 

Bali’s most visited temple range lies on the mountains that overlook the ocean’s soul-soothing massive array of temples. Whenever you visit Bali, never miss a chance to see these temples and understand their history. 

A Never-Ending Journey 

Every adventurous soul can find an activity in Bali. You can go surfing, rent a board or get training to ride a boat, and you may jump off the cliffs or get a slide, Along-Aling Waterfall. You can go to the Waterbom for extensive artificial slides and other activities. 

Dive underwater in a submarine, or stroll on the seafloor. Bali has it, whatever it may be. You need to explore the island and enjoy all the outdoor activities you love. 

All Forms of Natural Beauty 

All forms of natural beauty

Bali has wonderful beaches, anticipating temples, and breathtaking nature. The gorgeous mountain ranges on the island are what give it its attractiveness—known for its famed rice fields, flower gardens, and sacred rivers. 

With its worth in gold, thick rainforests, scenic lakes, magnificent waterfalls, secret gorges, and Bali Safari, all are the miracles of Bali’s beach. Above all, Bali is covered in lush flora and marine life. 

Wonderful Accommodations 

The superb housing options in Bali are constantly developing to meet its natural features. Developers go above and beyond, from luxury resorts to reasonably priced hostels, to produce remarkable, well-equipped, and fun locations. 

Even private villas are available for rent for a pitiful sum. Most magnificent swimming and infinity pools are seen in resorts, and hotels are great sources of attractions themselves. You can enjoy tasty meals and desserts at reasonable prices. 

A Creative Vibe 

Balinese people are interested in producing art whenever and wherever they can to show their talent. For visitors, there are galleries on every corner and traditional art supplies in many shops. 

You can find murals on every corner and a general artistic vibe throughout the island. Visitors can purchase handmade artwork, ranging from inexpensive wooden keychains to expensive works. 

Countless Opportunities to Shop 

The retail environment in Bali includes everything from high-end designer clothing to handcrafted items from local marketplaces. The best travelers from nationwide with stable currencies do lots of shopping for which you need an extra luggage bag. 

Places You Should Visit in Bali Or Things to Do in Bali 

Places you should visit in bali

There are lots of fun activities you can do in Bali. You can explore wonderful pieces of beaches in Bali. Some areas in Bali offer the best accommodations for tourists, with delicious meals and pools, which are affordable and luxurious. Some of the best places are 

Spectacular Tanah Lot Temple

Hindu temple Tanah Lot Temple, perched atop a sizable and picturesque rock formation, is arguably Bali’s most well-known tourist destination. One of the most incredible sights in Indonesia is the rock that has been cut off from the mainland over time by the sea. At high tide, the stone is completely encircled.

Because of the numerous tourists that come to see the sunsets around the temple, they get there early to obtain the best spot to enjoy the display. You can traverse the sand to the temple when the tide is low.

Swim in Tirta Temple’s Holy Water

You might be familiar with Tirta Empul because it served as a backdrop for the Julia Roberts-starring movie Eat, Pray, Love. This temple complex, which contains several fountain-filled lakes, is located just outside Ubud. 

Hindus from all around Bali bathe in these waters because they are believed to be considered sacred. Anyone is welcome to swim in the waters, and visitors can also stroll through the complex to admire the attractive architecture and several decorative statues.

Spectacular Uluwatu Temple

One of Bali’s most well-known attractions, Uluwatu Temple, is located 70 meters above the water. The temple was built on the side of a cliff. The temple is renowned for vast groups of monkeys and famous Balinese dances. 

Ascend Mount Batur

The 1,700-meter-high Mount Batur is the place to go in Bali if you’re seeking adventure. You may take a tour to the top of this volcano, which is one of Bali’s most well-known, and it typically starts at approximately four in the morning.

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island is located northwest of Bali. It is well worth seeing the Menjangan National Marine Park. The major attraction here is diving, where you may discover a variety of underwater delights like coral reefs and vibrant fish, in addition to the island’s hiking trails. 

Leave the Grind Behind at Mundu

You can see Bali’s most beautiful waterfalls in Munduk, which is close to the magnificent Tamblingan Lake. There aren’t many guest houses in this area. Munduk provides a beautiful glimpse of regional life outside the busier tourist districts.

Visit Candidasa

Candidasa comprises a series of coastal settlements and contrasts pleasantly with places like Kuta, which tourists frequently overlook. The total expense of sand here goes for kilometers, making it an excellent option if you prefer a more isolated and uncrowded beach experience.

Observe a Kecak Dance

One of Bali’s well-known traditions is Kecak- Dance. The Kecak dance, created in the 1930s, is based on the story of Ramayana. The dance gets its name from the sound of cak. The dance is performed across Bali’s island.

Bali Treetop Adventure Park is a Blast

Imagine a variety of rides surrounded by lush trees—Bali Treetop Adventure Park, where you can find all such things and fill your afternoon with adrenaline. The park features rides for kids as young as four and is perfect for families, groups, or couples.

Scuba Dive in Amed

Amed is a terrific option if you’re searching for a less busy area of Bali away from the hordes of visitors who swarm here. This area of the island, which is still largely unknown, consists of a string of settlements near the water rather than a town.

Since the visibility is outstanding and diving is affordable compared to other places in Bain, this location attracts many visitors to snorkeling and diving.

Muck in Padang Bai

Diving at Padang Bai, in Bali’s east, is its main draw. Whatever your level of diving experience, seven different dive sites are blue-ringed and conveniently accessible from the coast following a brief boat ride. Pygmy seahorses and the blue-ringed octopus are only a couple of the aquatic species that may be found here.

Sharks, turtles, waving fans, and coral gardens are all found in Bali. The diving Bali is a part of the coral triangle with the most extensive marine diversity. More than 500 coral reefs allow all scuba divers to enjoy the ocean.

Strap on a Jetpack in Tanjung Benoa

Bali offers a variety of water activities. Tanjung Benoa is the place to go because many different activities are available. But one of the most thrilling is donning a water jetpack, enabling you to soar up to 1 meter 0 meters. Sessions typically last 20 minutes.

In Ubud, Eat Lunch at Bebek Bengil

One of Ubud’s most well-liked eateries is Bebek Bengil, which translates to “Dirty Duck” in Indonesian. The restaurant’s primary specialty is the duck, served in various dishes. It backs onto lovely rice fields. The Bebek betutu, the place’s specialty, is boiled in a broth with flavorful herbs and then spiced locally.


There are many things that Bali has to offer to you, and make it memorable. Before youplan your trip, ensure you know how to pack efficiently and check with the carry-on guide with your respective airline not to wait long hours at the airport.. There are lots of fun activities and splendid locations to boost your mood. We assure you that you will feel fresh and energetic after Baki’s trip.


Is it safe to travel to the island of Bali?

Bali can be considered a safe destination since only a few visitors encounter real problems. Travelers need to avoid carrying handbags, considering that petty scams are common.

Is it allowed to drink alcohol in Bali?

In a nation where Muslims make up the majority, it is against the law and taboo to drink alcohol. However, other than in Aceh, no alcohol restrictions are currently in place in Indonesia due to the country’s diversity of cultures and religions.

What are the things which should be avoided in Bali?

You should avoid following things in Bali. 

1. Don’t wear shoes when you enter the temples.
2. Don’t consume tap water.
3. Don’t wear revealing clothing when visiting temples.
4. Avoid Giving Or Accepting Things With Your Left Hand.
5. Drug Use And Possession Can Get You Locked Up.
6. Keep Your Cool During Nyepi.
7. Unjustified honking is prohibited.

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