Why is Bali So Cheap? Exploring Its Affordability

Are you a budget traveller who plans to explore the globe in an affordable range? Well! Bali is your next dream destination without being heavy on your pocket. You can enjoy stunning beaches, delicious foods, and amazing hotels within your budget.

With the increasing popularity of Bali as a vacation spot, the competition among various industries increases, and as a result, the prices of each essential drop. Whether it’s food or accommodation, you can find the best services in a cheap range.

Why is the cost of living in Bali so cheaper than in other areas? First of all, the currency of Indonesia, the rupiah, is relatively low compared to other currencies. Secondly, the availability of public facilities means you get better services at lower rates. Let’s dive into facts.

Why is Bali so cheap? 

The business competition is very high in Bali because of its tourist popularity, low exchange rates, fewer import taxes, and availability of public transportation that makes Bali so cheap. These are also the reasons why Bali is so popular to visit among tourists.

Weak Currency, Rupiah 

The Rupiah, the Indonesian currency, is one of the world’s weakest currencies. One thousand rupiahs of Balinese currency is worth equal to one dollar only. So you can easily estimate the rent and additional expenditure for staying in Bali. 

If you had visited Salt Lake City, you would have noticed that hotel expenses increase daily. While in Bali, most hotels or resorts do not charge extra fees or taxes when you stay there for longer than 24 hours. They even give you special discounts. 

The banknotes of Indonesia are undervalued in other parts of Asia. Because of the low exchange rate Bali has become an affordable tourist destination. However, the government of Indonesia is continuously trying to fix this problem by lowering interest rates on loans. 

Fewer Transportation Expenses 

You can get to Bali by bus, train, or plane; the cost depends on which part of the island you are going to and for how many days you stay there. This public transportation is very affordable. All you need to know is how to get from one place to another.

There are the best golf courses in Bali for perfect golfing. You can play golf along the dramatic cliff tops in the shadow of Tanah Lot Temple or to the center of the island. To move from one centre to another, you don’t need to buy a private car. 

In Bali, public transport is very affordable, and you can move around the islands reasonably. There are no car rentals at the airport or on the island. You can save up to 80% by using public transportation instead of private transport.

No Import Taxes 

Why do you choose Bali over other tourist locations like Salt Lake City? One of the best reasons is that there are no tariffs or taxes on goods coming into Bali from abroad, so everything is cheaper here. This helps make Bali even more affordable than it already is.

Bali’s economy can thrive through international trade as it allows importing goods from other countries. So tourists from different countries start selling goods in Bali, which causes many people in Bali to become unemployed. 

These circumstances can also lead to several drawbacks, like importing illegal drugs. However, you should be thankful for low taxes in Bali because, without them, you cannot have nearly as much access to new things like computers or cell phones at a reasonable price. 

Popular Tourist Destination 

Populat tourist destination

Bali is like heaven on earth. Besides nine mesmerising islands, you can also find the significant historical importance of Bali. There are several mosques, churches, and must-see temples in Bali. It means you can find different types of tourism in Bali. 

You can enjoy several outdoor activities in Bali, as in Park City, Utah but at reasonable prices. Bali is also one of the safest places in Southeast Asia. Since 1947, there have been no natural disasters like significant earthquakes or tsunamis. 

Bali also attracts tourists because of its way of saving money. You can find excellent restaurants in Bali that serve authentic local dishes made with fresh ingredients. Instead of booking hotels and paying for high services, you can stay at Airbnb.

Why are Hotels in Bali so Cheap?

why are hotels in bali so cheap

The natural beauty of nine islands and accessibility to all valuable resources make Bali a worthy place to stay. You can find cheap hotels because of the poor exchange rate and competition among investors. So what are you waiting for? 

Make your vacations memorable in Bali. But before moving to Bali, firstly, know the best time to visit Bali and what are the best places and areas to stay in Bali at cheap rates. Bali is a favourite tourist destination because of its low expenses. 

Some of the luxurious hotels, with delicious food and much more at reasonable prices, are 

Novotel Bali Ngurah Rai Airport 

If you want to enjoy the whole scene of Bali through a single terrace, then Novotel Bali Ngurah Rai Airport is the best place to enjoy the ocean and mountainside. There are several on-site amenities and services to make your stay comfortable. 

The Magani Hotel and Spa 

If you love nature, the Magani hotel and Spa is the best lush tropical garden with a wide variety of birds and animals. After a long hectic life, it is the best place to soak in the sun, relax and rejuvenate. You can also get traditional Balinese treatment here. 

Amadea Resort & Villas 

If you want an unforgettable stay in Bali, Amadea Resort and Villas is the best resort. There are a variety of comfortable rooms with private porches to enjoy the ocean scene. All villas are fully furnished with everyday accessories whether it’s a fridge or a fresh towel. 

Rama Residence Padma 

Are you planning a family tour to Bali? Rama Residence Padma is a luxurious but cheap resort in Bali for families and couples. It offers a private pool and bathroom. The main restaurants on site offer Balinese cuisine as well as international dishes. 

Final Verdict

Bali is a tropical paradise with low population density and currency. It has beautiful beaches, fantastic scenery, delicious cuisines, and friendly people. There are fewer transportation expenses and no import taxes, making Bali a cheap place to visit. 


Why is everything in Bali so cheap? 

One of the significant reasons you can buy everything at a low cost in Bali is due to the undervalued currency of Indonesia, the Rupiah. One dollar is equal to a thousand Balinese rupees. 

How do low Import taxes cause problems?

When there are no taxes on imported goods, tourists from other countries bring illegal items like drugs or weapons to Bali as they don’t have to pay heavy taxes while importing the same things to other parts of the world. 

Why is it so cheap to stay in Bali?

With increasing popularity as a fun place to explore, the competition among different business communities increases in Bali. Low exchange rate, no additional taxes on import items, and availability of public transport make Bali so cheap to stay in. 

What is the Average Cost of One Night Stay in Bali?

The average cost of a one-night stay in Bali is 50 dollars, including accommodation, transportation, and food expenses.

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