Delsey Vs Samsonite: Which Brand Is Better?

Your luggage is your travel companion – choose wisely and make your journey a breeze. For a short weekend getaway or a long international trip, luggage can make or break the travel experience. The right luggage will keep your belongings organized, protected, and make moving easier.

Among many luggage brands in the market, Delsey and Samsonite are among the most famous. Whether you’re an adventurous explorer, a businessman, or a frequent traveler, chances are you’ve heard of these brands. Samsonite and Delsey have built a reputation for producing the best luggage due to their years of experience and constant creativity to meet the evolving demands of the traveler’s world.

This guide will closely examine what sets these brands apart and which might be the right choice for your next journey. So, let’s get into it!

Delsey Paris

Delsey Paris

Delsey is a French brand that was founded in 1946. French products are not seen as long-lasting, but Delsey makes an exception here. Since its quality is close to the reputable brands in the travel industry, it offers a wide range of luggage, including carry-ons, checked bags, and garment bags. What makes Delsey Paris stand out from other luggage brands is its innovative designs on their suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks, and other travel gear. Travelers seeking a hint of luxury will appreciate its classic and beautiful aesthetic.

Product Lines

Delsey Paris has a large selection of luggage for every type of traveler. Some of their famous lines are as follows:

  1. Chatelet: This line features a classic design inspired by the charming and romantic Parisian lifestyle. The Chatelet collection is made from a durable polycarbonate material and comes in various sizes like carry-ons, checked bags, etc.
  2. Helium Aero: This collection is made from lightweight and durable material resistant to scratches. It features a modern design and offers a versatile variety of sizes.
  3. Titanium: The Titanium line is among the famous product line of Delsey. It features a hard-shell design made from 100% polycarbonate material. The collection comes in various sizes and offers spinner wheels and expandable compartments.
  4. Comete: This is another versatile and durable collection of a soft-side luggage. The Comete collection is made of durable nylon material that resists the wear and tear of frequent travel. This collection is a perfect option for travelers because it consists of multiple bags, such as duffel bags, backpacks, and garment bags.
  5. Montsouris: The Montsouris product line features a backpack design for travelers who prefer a hands-free option. The collection is named after a park in Paris known for its scenic beauty and tranquility. So, this collection reflects the same quality and offers stylish and practical backpacks.

If you want to save money on your next flight, consider carrying a backpack instead of a giant carry-on bag. Because backpacks are personal items, you can typically store them under the seat before you without paying additional fees.



Samsonite is an American brand that was founded in 1910. It is the world’s largest luggage brand, with a market share of 17.3% of all luggage sales worldwide. The parent company, Samsonite International S.A., also owns the American Tourister, Gregory, Hartmann, High Sierra, Tumi, Kamiliant, Gregory and Lipault. Despite a modest decline in Samsonite’s durability over the past two decades, the company is still popular with travelers looking for luggage and other travel essentials. Samsonite has something for everyone, from high-end luxury items to budget-friendly options.

Product Lines

Like any other brand, Samsonite also offers a series of product lines: suitcases, duffel bags, laptop bags and other travel accessories. Let’s explore some of Samsonite’s famous product lines:

  1. Samsonite Winfield 3: The Samsonite Winfield 3 is a famous product line of hard-shell suitcases. It includes a range of sizes, from carry-on to large, checked luggage. The products come in several different colors and feature TSA-approved combination locks.
  2. Samsonite Xenon 3.0: This product line is for business travelers and features a range of laptop bags, backpacks, and briefcases. It uses Smart Sleeve™ technology, allowing you to transport the bag over the luggage handle easily. The Xenon 3.0 products are durable and feature padded compartments for laptops and other electronic devices.
  3. Cosmolite: Cosmolite is another product line with a lightweight and durable hard-shell suitcase. The suitcases are made from patented Curv technology, a reinforced woven fabric so strong that it is also used in bulletproof vests and helmets. The collection comes in a range of sizes and colors.
  4. Leverage LTE: It is one of Samsonite’s soft-side suitcase product lines. These suitcases are designed for travelers who need an easy-to-carry bag and still provide enough room for their belongings. The Leverage LTE suitcases come in various sizes, from carry-on to large checked bags, and are available in multiple colors, including black, blue, and purple.
  5. Samsonite Black Label: This is Samsonite’s luxury line of luggage. This line offers high-end materials and innovative designs, making it a popular choice for those who want a premium luggage experience. The bags in this collection is made from high-quality materials and features sophisticated details like hand-stitched accents and custom hardware. The collection includes numerous items, including briefcases, backpacks, and suitcases.

Delsey Vs Samsonite: Key Difference

Delsey Vs Samsonite Key Difference

Delsey and Samsonite are two well-known luggage brands offering a wide range of products to meet the needs of different travelers. Here will highlight some key differences between these brands that set them apart.

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1. Weight

Weight is an essential factor to consider when it comes to luggage. Delsey’s suitcases are typically heavier than Samsonite’s, with an average difference of 1 lb. For checked baggage, weight may be less of an issue since there are typically generous weight restrictions. However, Samsonite is the better choice for carry-on luggage, as it tends to be lighter.

2. Durability

Regarding durability, Delsey suitcases are like Samsonite but have a few advantages. Delsey uses polycarbonate for their hard cases, the most durable plastic used in luggage. This material is flexible, which reduces the chances of cracking. And for soft cases, both brands use polyester. However, Delsey’s bags tend to be bulkier and thicker, compromising weight but providing better durability. Regarding zippers and wheels, Delsey performs a better job with more overweight and is less likely to break zippers and wheels.

3. Warranty

Both Samsonite and Delsey Paris offer very similar terms in warranties. They provide warranties that cover only manufacturing defects; for most of their suitcases, the warranty is valid for ten years. It means that if your suitcase has any defects in zippers, wheels, handles, or the soft side/hard side shell that weren’t caused by accidents, normal wear and tear or transportation damage, the warranty will cover it.

4. Airline Restrictions

Overall, Delsey Paris luggage tends to align more with airline size guidelines than Samsonite luggage. However, most suitcases from both brands are slightly oversized, usually just one or two inches. Samsonite’s carry-ons are typically 1.81 inches over the carry-on restrictions, while Delsey’s are 1.1 inches oversize. Only a few suitcases from either brand are within the limit for checked luggage, which needs to be less than 62 linear inches. On average, Samsonite’s checked baggage is oversized by 2.24 inches, while Delsey’s is oversized by 1.6 inches.

5. Style & Design

Delsey Paris is known for its chic luggage designs with bold colors, patterns, and textures. It also offers a variety of collections with different themes, such as the Chatelet collection, which has vintage-inspired designs, or Helium Aero of a modern look. At the same time, Samsonite provides luggage styles from classic to contemporary. Like the Winfield 3 DLX, its collections have sleek and minimalist designs, and the Aspire Xlite looks sportier.

6. Advanced Features

Samsonite and Delsey make luggage with many advanced features and are similar in this factor. Delsey, though, appears to perform better overall. Samsonite suitcases have TSA-approved locks, spinner wheels, expandable zippers and an interior divided into two parts with compression straps. In contrast, Delsey offers all these features, but they are usually better. Like their zippers are more robust and cannot be opened with a pen. They have rubber-coated spinner wheels and unique features like padded laptop pockets and removable interior linings. Additionally, Delsey’s bags come with an imprinted label for easy identification if lost.

7. Better Reviews

Samsonite and Delsey are two popular brands of luggage on Amazon. According to customer reviews, Samsonite has an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, while Delsey has an average rating of 4.5 stars. Samsonite’s suitcases have slightly better reviews than Delsey’s.

8. Price Point

Luggage is costly mainly, and there are also reasons behind it. Do you know why luggage is so expensive? Delsey suitcases typically cost 18% more than Samsonite luggage, but prices could differ depending on the collection. Delsey’s Helium Aero and Titanium collections are cheaper and offer great value for mid-range hard-side suitcases. Meanwhile, Samsonite’s Winfield 2, Freeform, and Omni P.C.P.C. collections are similarly priced and offer comparable durability and features.

Sump Up: Who is the Winner?

Now you know the critical difference between both brands. They are similar and offer some good quality luggage in a mid-price range. Delsey’s luggage is more durable and mostly stays within the size restrictions for checked and carry-on luggage. Additionally, they have many more features that boost the case’s security, packing capacity, and mobility. Samsonite luggage is lightweight, has a better customer rating and is available at a lower price.

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