Why is Rimowa so Expensive?

Is it surprising that Rimowa luggage is so expensive compared to others? The first thing that makes a traveler think while buying luggage is its price. Although it is pricey compared to others, it provides you with the most expensive luggage because of its unique and iconic designs.

They are known for their well-shaped design and lightweight, especially for air travel. Since their establishment, they have provided their customers with very comfortable and satisfying luggage, so people prefer them even though they are expensive.

If you want to know why they are so expensive, stay with us. We will let you find the reasons for its high price. So let’s get into it!

When was Rimowa Established?

When was Rimowa Established

Rimowa, the famous luxury luggage brand we all know and love, has quite a remarkable history. It all started in 1898 when a visionary named Paul Morszeck founded the company in Cologne, Germany. Back then, Rimowa had a different focus—it specialized in crafting exquisite wooden luggage trunks.

Fast forward to today, it has become a luxury luggage brand and an absolute icon in high-end travel. One of the things that set Rimowa apart is its unmistakable grooved design. You’ve probably seen it before—those sleek suitcases with parallel ridges running across the surface. It’s become a signature look for Rimowa and is instantly recognizable. You can spot those grooves from a mile away.

Top Reasons Why Rimowa Luggage is Expensive

Top Reasons Why Rimowa Luggage is Expensive

Rimowa brand makes its products with top-quality materials and ensures its customer have good service. Here are some reasons why this brand is so expensive.

1. Features

They have zipper suitcases that are very comfortable for travelers, and they don’t worry about their snagging. They install double spinner wheels that can turn around 360 degrees which allows you to move your suitcase in any direction. Wherever you move them, they can move due to their telescopic handle. The best thing is they also manufacture waterproof bags, so you need not worry about getting wet your luggage.

If you also want a waterproof backpack, check out our article on this.

2. Warranty

Rimowa gives its customers a five-year manufacturing warranty. They claim if your suitcase gets damaged, you can recover it from the company with terms and conditions applied to the warranty of the suitcase.

If the warranty covers the product, Rimowa will replace your luggage and provide you with a new one, and they will also pay for your shipment in that case because some customers’ shipment charges are too much more expensive than their products.

3. Customer services

Rimowa has the best and most cooperative customer service for their customers, and when you try to reach them, they will give you a quick response. If you buy some items worth $1,000, they will provide you with the best services.

Their customer services will be available 24\7, and they will ensure your complaint will be responded to as soon as possible. Rimowa staff is very friendly and kind and can provide the best customer service by helping you with your problems.

4. Product Testing

Rimowa products are tested when they are manufactured. Each product is tested by hand and then sent for shipping and in stores. This makes their products protective and non-defected.

When each product is checked by hand, there is significantly less chance of a faulted piece. But if you receive such a defective product, you can replace it immediately. They will replace it with you at once.

5. Best Quality & Durable Material

Best Quality & Durable Material

One reason for their high prices is the use of high-quality materials. The other reason is their logo design placed on their aluminum and polycarbonate products, hard sides which can be considered the maximum long-lasting bags you may own.

Aluminum bags are excellent in quality. The chance of damaging their products is meager, and if any harm occurs to the suitcase, like if your suitcase gets damaged or its wheels stop working, they will try their best to fix your problem and work on it. Polycarbonate is likewise an entirely long-lasting material. They use premium material to handle the luggage.

Rimowa got up with this once they observed that there had been a need for lightweight luggage – even though aluminum is remarkably long-lasting. It it’s also pretty heavy and now no longer the high-quality alternative when you have to hold your suitcase beneath a positive weight limit.

6. Designs

Rimowa is thought of for its iconic design—the grooved suitcases in numerous sizes and colorings. While they have their staple silver/aluminum bags, they’ve different colors, including white, yellow, black, orange, and more. These colorings assist your bags facing out so it’s clear to identify your suitcase at the bag’s carousel.

Also, what’s now no longer to like with Rimowa’s sleek, seamless layout? Despite being around for the reason that stopped in the 1800s, Rimowa’s suitcases have a contemporary-day appearance that goes correctly with any traveler. Their ribbed layout is an excellent staple that you may spot even supposing it’s a few toes away.

7. Product Cost

High-quality luggage is expensive around the world. Rimowa luggage begins evolving at over $600 for their polycarbonate baggage and is going up to $2,000+ for aluminum suitcases. The plastic polycarbonate instances are much more affordable, especially the smaller sizes, just like the carry-on baggage.

Aluminum Rimowa luggage begins at greater than $1,300 and may value numerous heaps of dollars. Rimowa even has a suitcase that retails for $9,900; however, that’s a unique case designed to securely deliver 12 bottles of wine. In phrases of fundamental aluminum suitcases, count on spending between $1,500 and $2,000 on a Rimowa suitcase, depending on the size.

8. Brand Reputation

Finally, there’s the name. Rimowa’s excessive charge factor also can be attributed to the logo’s popularity. Rimowa has been in commercial enterprise for over a hundred and twenty years. During this time, it has constructed popularity for developing notable, long-lasting baggage that is elegant and functional.

The logo is frequently related to luxurious tours and is the face of celebrities and excessive-profile travelers. This popularity has allowed Rimowa to set itself up as a top-class logo withinside the baggage market. Consumers are inclined to pay a top class for Rimowa’s luggage because they understand they’re getting a unique product that will be closed for years.

Does Rimowa Luggage Worth Buying?

Does Rimowa Luggage Worth Buying

If you could have enough money for Rimowa bags without bankrupting yourself, it’s well worth it. Sure, you’re paying quite a lot of cash only for the emblem name. However, the pleasantness of these bags is undeniably exceptional.

The instances will, maximum in all likelihood, remain with you for decades, especially with the tremendous lifetime warranty. Even with regular wear and tear and harm incurred via way of means of luggage handlers, it will be less expensive to pay for a wheel restoration on a Rimowa suitcase than to buy a new bag.

Are Rimowa suitcases with the electronic tag worth it?

Electronic tags are a pretty exciting feature. They let you ditch those traditional paper tags and use a digital one instead. It works through a smartphone app where you can enter your flight details and baggage information. Rimowa suitcases with electronic tags are worth it if you frequently fly with airlines that support this technology and value its convenience.


In conclusion, luggage prices vary based on brand, quality, and features. Higher-end brands like Rimowa and Tumi vs. Briggs & Riley often offer luxury, durability, and specialized features, while Delsey and Samsonite provide reliable and more affordable options. It’s essential to consider your travel needs, budget, and desired level of quality when selecting luggage that suits you best.


Can I expect better durability and longevity from Rimowa luggage due to its higher price?

Yes, Rimowa luggage is designed to offer exceptional durability and longevity. The brand focuses on using premium materials that ensure that their suitcases can withstand the demands of frequent travel.

Are there any alternatives that offer similar quality to Rimowa but at a lower price?

While Rimowa is known for its high-quality luggage, there are alternative brands that offer comparable quality at a lower price point. Brands like Samsonite, Travelpro, and Delsey provide reliable and well-constructed suitcases with various features and styles. These brands prioritize durability, functionality, and affordability, making them popular choices for budget-conscious travelers.

Can I find discounts or sales for Rimowa luggage to make it more affordable?

While Rimowa is generally positioned as a luxury brand with consistent pricing, occasional sales or discounts may be available through authorized retailers or during specific promotional periods.

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