10 Best Black Sand Beaches in Bali, Indonesia: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you have any idea why Bali is so popular among tourists? Well! Like Park City, Utah, its aesthetic scenery stands out among the crowd. You can find soft white sand, beautiful beaches, lush tropical forests, and crystal-clear water. But weighing its worth in gold, Bali has the world’s most attractive “Black Sand Beaches.”

So if you are searching for a relaxing and beautiful beach for your next vacation, Black Sand Beach Bali is the place to go. It is the most visited tourist destination because of its stunning black and white sand. There are almost 18 Black Sand Beaches in Bali, spreading along the east coast of Padang Baki to the northern Lovina zone. 

If you want to know more about Black Sand Beach Bali, read. 

Black Sand Beach Bali

Black Sand Beach is referred to as one of the most attractive beaches around the globe. Many described this beach as “the most beautiful, white-sand be seashore.” It is a famous tourist destination located just north of Jimbaran Bay, along the southern coast of Bali, which is caused by volcanic activity. 

With time, this volcanic conditioning deposited black sand along the seashore. However, due to this volcanic activity, many environmental changes occur, like increased erosion and decreased rainfall.

Despite all these, it is the favorite vacation spot that attracts thousands of tourists annually. Let’s see why

Why is Black Sand Beach Bali so popular? 

why is black sand beach bali so popular

Do you love to walk along the beach, feel the fresh air, or soak in the sun while relaxing your mind and body? Black Sand Beach is one of the most stunning beaches that have attracted tourists since the 1980s because of its natural setting, presenting an impressive view of Mount Agung. You can find its sand very different from ordinary sand. 

It has a soft texture, but you feel it is solid enough to walk barefoot. This is perfect whether you want to walk along the beach or want to play with your kids. You can find many delicious foods and accommodations to appreciate the stunning colour and texture of this unique type of black sand. It is no less than a paradise for beach lovers.

Let’s see how geographical changes resulted in the formation of eighteen mesmerising beaches in Bali.

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How Black Sand Beaches Formed in Bali?

How black sand beaches formed in bali

Black Sand Beach Bali’s sand is formed from Mount Agung’s eruption, which causes sediment of volcanic ash and pumice. 

The beautiful black coloration is because of the basalt found inside the lava. When the lava hits the seashore, it hardens immediately and gets broken into small and big fragments of sand. 

This volcanic ash also has iron oxide, making the sand so dark that you can hardly see your feet. But do you know these Black Sand Beaches in Bali also have different shades, ranging from light grey to dark grey, depending upon the area? As mentioned, up to 18 Black Sand Beaches in Bali exist. Let’s find out

10 Most Unique Black Sand Beaches in Bali

10 most unique black sand beaches in bali

If you are a black sand lover who loves to soil his hands with dark aesthetic sand, book your next flight to these pebble-dotted marvels. There are many places to visit in Bali, but the beauty of these sand beaches is beyond words. The best way to get to Lombok is by car or Taxi from your hotel rooms. 

It only takes 30 minutes to reach these stunning beaches that stretch along the shoreline from east to north Bali. Let’s dive into each beach one by one. 

Jemeluk Bay, Amed 

Do you want easy accessibility to reefs near a shore? The amed village is a gem in this regard, as you can find two black sand beaches, Jemeluk and Lapah. You can rent a sun deck and spend the whole day and night here. It takes three hours to get there. You can enjoy breathtaking scenery throughout the journey. 

Pemuteran Beach 

If you are an introvert or naturalist who loves the calmness of nature away from the hustle and bustle, move to Pemuteran Beach. You can find this beach on the island’s north side in Pemuteran village. You can enjoy nature at the full moon as this beach lies between mountains and the sea. You can also relish a long drive of almost 3 hours to reach this beach. 

Echo Beach, Canggu 

Do you plan a grill fish party near the seashore with your friends? Echo Beach is a fun place for you. There are lots of chilling cafes and bars in the vicinity of the beach that attracts youth. One of the unique things is the sandbar that offers beer and thrilling drinks. It lies 50 minutes away from Denpasar. Balinese also called it “Pantai Batu Mejan.” 

Purnama Beach, Gianyar 

On the southeastern coast of Bali, there is a black sand Purnama Beach in Sukawati. This beach is home to many unique shrines made up of reef rocks. These reef rocks are stacked in the form of a pyramid. This small, beautiful beach attracts tourists because of its natural scenery and clear turquoise water. 

Pererenan and Seseh 

Have you ever heard about Pererenan Village? It is the most beautiful village in Bali, between Canggu and Seseh. Pererenan and Seseh lie near Canggu and within walking distance from Echo Beach. You can find a pleasant atmosphere and friendly locales. So pack your bag, and enjoy near-deserted Black Sand Beach Bali.

Nelayan Beach 

Are you looking for an offbeat black sand beach in Bali? Nelayan is a hidden treasure in the Canggu. It attracts tourists not because of its natural beauty but because it is the best spot for those who love fishing and seafood. Whether you want to explore Bali’s culture or the place, Nelayan Beach should be at the top of your list. 

Pantai Masceti Beach 

Pantai Masceti Beach is one of the finest beaches along the east coast of Bali. This stunning beach has lovely sand grains that feel nice while walking along the shore. You can find gorgeous beaches and beautiful village life. If you are living near south Bali, you can cover the distance within a few hours. 

Lovina Beach 

Do you make your black sand beach holidays memorable? Then always complete Lovina Beach. You can find this fabulous beach by driving down through the Kuta. The morning scene at Lovina Beach is mesmerising as the water is warm, and you can find a wide variety of seafood there. You can enjoy the most beautiful sunset view here. 

Keramas Beach 

The black sand and blue water of Keramas Beach are no less than a miracle. Balinese believe that the sand of Keramas Beach has healing properties. You find mental peace in this scolded area. It is one of the undiscovered areas of Bali that lies almost 35 minutes away from Sanuar. So there is no public transport available. 

Tulamben Beach 

Do you love marine diving? Talumba Beach is one of the most incredible black sand beaches in Bali that offers a fantastic experience of marine diving and other activities. It is snuggled between Mount Aging volcano and the coast. It attracts thousands of travelers yearly because of its Shipwreck, USS Liberty, which lies 30m away from the seashore and at a depth of 5m. 


If you want a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the aesthetic natural scenery, lift your umbrellas and soak in the sun at Black Sand Beach Bali. There are 18 incredible black sand beaches throughout the region that developed due to volcanic activities. You enjoy not only delicious food and stunning views and experience marine diving there. 

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How did Black Sand Beaches form in Bali? 

Due to geographical activities, many volcanoes burst on the island, and the volcanic debris and the remnants of lava broke into small and big particles of sand. 

Is it safe to swim in Black Sand Beach in Bali?

Black sand beaches are not safe for swimming because of volcanic residue. The remnants have basalt that is harmful to humans. However, it is good for the skin due to its detoxifying and anti-stress properties.

What makes Black Sand Beaches so unique?

Black sand has iron oxide that provides a dense and heavy texture to sand, whereas the mineral content of black sand provides an alluring sparkle. 

Can I walk barefoot on Black Sand Beach?

The black sand is tough and absorbs more radiation than ordinary sand, so walking barefoot may result in burns. 

If you’re looking for a fantastic getaway on the beautiful island of Bali, be sure to check out Black Sand Beach! This stunning beach is known for its incredible black sand and clear blue waters, and it’s no wonder why so many people love it! Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or explore the local area, Black Sand Beach is a place you won’t want to miss!

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