10 Most Beautiful and Best Beaches in Bali you Must Visit

Are you planning a trip or looking for some best beaches to spend a peaceful time away from workload and stress? Come on, let us take you to the most topped place on any bucket list of the trip, that is the best beaches in Bali.

Have to see the pictures of this place it is so mesmerizing and do you know how many beaches are there where you can lay down on soft sand and relax, enjoy the view\weather, take a sun bath, do water sports, stay on the beach resorts, you know what you will never get bored in Bali for a single minute. We will share some details about the best beaches to help you understand where you can visit to have a complete view of Bali beaches.

Bali is filled with stunning beaches, Luxury resorts, beach clubs, palm trees, and sandy beaches that can make your holiday destination one that can never fade away from memories. There are so many beaches in Bali you can get lost in which to select first and which one is the best. Every beach has its uniqueness, which attracts everyone; with so many wonderful coastlines, Making a list of the beaches you want to visit might sometimes be challenging! Fortunately, we’ve already done the legwork for you by compiling this list of top beaches in Bali.

About Bali

Bali is the most popular and admired tourist destination in Asia. It is located in southeast Asia, Indonesia, and makes an incredible destination for sightseers and travelers.

Bali has a volcanic peak, giving a whole new look to the holiday. The place is filled with bleaches; the country has put billions of money into creating the best infrastructure for bleaches to attract tourism like five-star hotels, beach clubs, etc. The country’s economy mostly depends on tourism.

The tropical sunshine is guaranteed in Bali, and with clear, warm waters, palm trees, and low tide, beautiful beaches are a great place for a holiday.

You can read about when is the best time to visit Bali here.

Best Beach Hotels in Bali

For every trip to Bali or any other place in the world, you must first select a hotel for the whole stay according to the area you have chosen to explore. Our team has looked for some best beach resorts in Bali to make your trip more exciting.

Our team suggested some best ones are:

• Best Kuta Hotel: AlamKulkul

• Best Legian Hotel: Padma Resort

• Best Seminyak Hotel: West Bali

• Best Jimbaran Hotel: Four Seasons

• Best Nusa Dua Hotel: Grand Hyatt

• Best Ubud Hotel: Four Seasons Sayan

But these are not it, and there are more hotels also in every beach area like:

  • Sheraton Resort – Kuta
  • Hard Rock Hotel – Kuta
  • The Stones – Legian
  • Oberoi – Seminyak
  • Legian – Seminyak
  • Bali Dynasty – Tuban
  • InterContinental Resort – Jimbaran
  • Jimbaran Puri – Jimbaran
  • St Regis – Nusa Dua
  • Laguna – Nusa Dua
  • Westin – Nusa Dua
  • Segara Village Hotel – Sanur
  • Tandjung Sari Hotel – Sanur
  • Bloo Lagoon Eco Village – Panangbai
  • Sakala Resort & Beach Club – Tanjung Benoa
  • Conrad Bali – Tanjung Benoa
  • Holiday Inn Resort Benoa – Tanjung Benoa

These all hotels are famous because of the best beaches in Bali. People mostly prefer to take place near a beautiful beach to get all the peace in their minds with some fun things to have a great holiday.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Bali

Let us move on to the best beaches in Bali. Our team has tried to explore almost every best Bali beach to assist you. Bali is indeed blessed with some best beaches in the world, and we are sure that after getting the information, you will pack your stuff and head to Bali without wasting any time, don’t forget to pack sunscreen, the best holiday song, and your favorite swimming suit.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is quite well-known and one of the best beaches in Bali, but it is one of the most famous Indonesian beaches. If you visit Bali for a short time, try to visit this Kuta beach. It is located near Ngurah rai international airport.

The long and wide golden sand beach is located at the heart of Kuta, spreading to an area of 2.5 kilometers. Famous hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants are just around the corner of Kuta beach.

The Kuta beach is not for inexperienced swimmers or does not come under kid-friendly beaches as the tide is very high. It is a white sand beach, so you can easily lean back and watch the surfers catch a wave. This comes under one of the best surf beaches due to high tide mostly.

The Kuta beach doesn’t have any entry free; it is open to everyone; mostly, people stay late until evening to see the famous red sunset before partying the night away at a beach club. It is best for all-things tourism.

Little Tip:

If you want to explore the Kuta beach, walk or bike along the four-mile seaside path, you never know what you’ll discover in this wonderland.

Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach

If you want to treat yourself to the best holiday, head to southern Bali; between Kuta and Legian, you will see Seminyak beach, where you should be. It is known as Bali’s most stylish and upscale beach resort area and one of Bali’s most popular and best beaches.

Seminyak beach is stretched up to 5 km having white sand; the area is filled with Bali’s most luxurious hotels, restaurants, and outlet shops, just a step away from the beachside.

Seminyak beach is a great place to learn about surfing because of the relatively gentle waves. This Bali beach is also free of cost; they don’t count any amount for entry.

The beach is best for a person who believes that pursuing pleasure is the most important thing in life.

Little Tip:

If you want the best time on Seminyak beach, come in the morning or early afternoon when crowds are particularly thin.

Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach

If you want a quiet beach with less crowd, then Sanur beach is the place you should be. As Compared to Kuta beach, Sanur beach is far quieter.

Sanur beach is located in the southeast of Bali. This beach has low tide; swimming is not possible here, but families with children love to do some outdoor activities like kite flying, cycling, fishing boats are also available, etc.

The beach is very clean, has clear water, and the waves are fairly gentle; not a place for surfers, but you can enjoy scuba diving and look at the marine life under the waves; starfish are known to be found easily.

Little Tip:

If you want to start your day early and catch a sunrise, Sanur beach is its major location.

Legian Beach

Legian Beach

The Legian beach is more of a relaxing beach. It is not far away from Kuta, but it is less crowded than Kuta due to its peaceful environment and one of the popular beaches for families.

Legian beach is an ideal place to chill out and relax if you want to spend quality time with your loved ones and love strolling. You can also have a romantic picnic dinner.

You can lay down for hours, read a book on the white sand beach, or walk miles on the soft sand of Legian beach. Sometimes the waves get high here, making it hard to swim; if you are still learning, always check the flag for safety.

Little Tip:

Legian beach is filled with beach hawkers, watch out for them; they can sometimes get a little annoyed.

Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach

This Bali beach is located on the Bukit Peninsula, which is the south of Bali. The Balangan beach is only half a kilometer long, but there are cliffs and reefs, which is truly an incredible setting.

Balangan beach comes under one of the top surfing beaches in Bali, best for both surfing & sunbathing so if you don’t want to surf still you can lay down under the umbrella (the beach is filled with them) and enjoy the atmosphere, take a sun bath on the white sand beach.

The Balangan beach is still untouched by the developers, so you will see many local cafes where people sell local Indonesian food and cold drinks. You will have the opportunity to try something less expensive but with good taste.

Here you will see mostly young hikers, completely molded in the environment without any worries. Most hikers visit this place as it benefits them from going on the cliff and swimming at the same place.

Little tip:

This beach is best for secluded beach relaxation.

Blue lagoon Beach

Blue Lagoon Beach

Unlike other beaches, it is located in east Bali. The beach is a hidden gem having an underwater paradise; the water is warm and filled with plenty of marine life.

This white sand beach is available not only for swimming or sunbathing but also for snorkeling. Blue Lagoon is home to coral reefs and underwater wildlife. Azure waves are common here, which people mostly love. Most of the coral and fishes are near the shore, which makes it best for taking underwater pics.

This Bali beach has a salt and pepper mix of golden and volcanic black sand. You’ll find lush knolls and rocky hills perfect for taking a holiday picture for a beautiful memory or a postcard.

Little tip:

If you like exotic panorama beaches, visit this place at least once on the trip.

Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach

This beach is located in the Uluwatu region of Bali. Suluban beach was established as a surfing destination, but word of mouth became a crazy busy beach over time.

Suluban beach is like a true hidden treasure and known for secret swims. There is a Single Fin Bali, a very popular cliff, and its top is a favorite among locals and tourists. Most of the time, Lifeguards are on the cliff watching over the surfers.

The Suluban beach specialty is that it reveals when the tide is low; always check the tide before swimming. After the tide is low, this place is simply for relaxing or enjoying a swim, and you can also enter the cave under the cliff easily and explore the area. This beach is also known as blue point beach. you should also check out the temples in Bali.

Little tip:

Try triple-checking the tide times before you visit to avoid disappointment.

Jimbaran Beach or Jimbaran Bay

Jimbaran Beach

No trip is complete without a trip to Jimbaran beach. It is famous for its scenery, fresh fish that local fishermen sell in the market, and beautiful sunsets.

After sunset, Jimbaran beach is best for romantic dinner; fresh warm water, white sand, and fresh seafood make it a complete package.

Most tourists visit Jimbaran bay because the waves are calm, which gives families ease to relax, children to play in the white sand, and also for beautiful photographs of sunsets.

The waves also benefit from cruising around in the paddle boat at Jimbaran bay. Explore the sea, swim easily, and enjoy the holiday. Sandy beaches like this one get a lot of attention.

Little tip:

If you are a seafood lover, visit early morning to get your hand on the fresh catch.

Balian Beach

Balian Beach

Balian beach is located in west Bali. This beach is like a paradise for surfers. Most youngsters with the energy to surf in the high and powerful waves are found here.

People at Balian beach are welcomed by exotic black volcanic sand; tourists and the local young kids visit on the weekends to enjoy surfing.

At Balian beach, you won’t find any luxury accommodations nearby, but those on a tight budget will have many affordable options.

Little tip:

If you love surfing, then don’t miss this place.

Pasir Putih Beach

Pasir Putih Beach

This beach is located on the east coast of Bali. The Pasir Putih beach is also known as the white sandy beach or the virgin beach.

The road towards the beach is not that clear, but visiting this one is worth it. Unlike most beaches, it is the best dream beach in Bali, filled with turquoise waters, luxuriously soft white sand, and colorful reefs.

This secret spot has minimal tourists, making it a nice place to relax, sunbathe, or massage on the sand.

Car parking is not an issue; you do not need to book any hotel near it; you can drive to the beach.

Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Beach

When it comes to comfort or elegance, Nusa Dua has it all. Nusa Dua is the quieter, calmer, and highly upscale beach.

Nusa Dua beach is a resort area of Bali, where excellent motels and guest houses mingle with attractive palm trees and beautiful lawns. The white sand at Nusa Dua beach could not be any more impressive, and it is so flawless almost looks like a man-made design.

The water is crystal clear and perfect for swimming and snorkeling; even coral can be seen and easily explored when the tide is low. Plenty of water sports are available on the beach side; in the end, there is a shopping center too.

Little tip:

For a perfect honeymoon resort, visit there if you are in Bali.

Other Beaches in Bali

As we all know that Bali is filled with beaches on every corner. Some are relatively small beaches, too, but some have every facility a family needs.

We have mentioned the top 10 beaches in Bali which you should visit, but the list still not ended; there are more beaches you can visit if you are quite an explorer-like:

  • Green bowl beach
  • Crystal bay
  • Dreamland beach
  • Amed beach
  • Bingin beach
  • Kelingking beach
  • Medewi beach
  • Melasti beach

& If you are on a tour to Indonesia, you can check out the best beaches in Vietnam.

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