What are the Best Places and Areas to Stay in Bali?

Bali has a lot to offer, from beaches to wildlife, art, culture, and fun activities. It’s an ideal place for families, newlyweds, and young travelers. Before you board your flight, plan your journey and explore where to visit and what things to do.

Bali is an exotic island with abundant culture, delicious food, beaches, and a striking landscape. Unlike Europe and Australia, it is still an affordable travel destination worldwide and offers incredible value. When visiting Bali, you can treat yourself to a five-star beach resort or a gorgeous spa overlooking the rice terraces.

If this is your first trip to Bali, it could be challenging to decide where to stay. We will help you make the right decision. This article will cover the locations, temples, beaches, areas, and places to stay in Bali.

8 Best Places and Areas to stay in Bali

This “Island of the Gods” has much more to offer than lavish resorts and wild Nightlife, and it’s small enough that you may stay in more than one place during your visit. If you want to make the best of the time in Bali, it is advised to travel to a few different areas.

  • Kuta – Ideal place to stay for Party lovers
  • Canggu – A coolest place to stay
  • Seminyak – The best place to stay for Nightlife
  • Ubud – Ideal place to stay for Relaxation
  • Uluwatu – Ideal place to stay for couples
  • Denpasar – Ideal for Backpacker
  • Amed – Ideal place to stay for Scuba divers
  • Nusa Dua – The best place to stay for Families/Honeymooners

Kuta – Ideal for Party Lovers

Kuta ideal place for party lovers in Bali

If you are a party person and love a rowdy vibe, Kuta is the best place to stay. This island is the hub of mass tourism. It has long stretches of beaches and is best for suffering and skateboarding. It’s also a party lover’s paradise because many bars and beach clubs host incredible parties. It offers a buzzing and vibrant atmosphere.

The City Centre is the ideal area to stay in Kuta. It gives access to the ocean and accommodation options for any price. You will find everything from Water Park, Discovery Shopping Mall, Sea Turtle Society, and the Vihara Darmayana Buddhist Temple. Visitors typically head to these sites in Bali immediately after arriving on the island.

  • The city offers a rich and busy nightlife.
  • There are a lot of site attractions.
  • Suitable for beginners to surfing.


  • It’s a chaotic and Crowded place
  • Robbery is common in Kuta.
  • The beaches are only sometimes clean.

Best Places to stay in Kuta

There are lots of top-rated hotels and resorts in Kuta, so here is a list of the best ones for you to stay at so you can enjoy your stay to the fullest:

Kuta Paradiso Hotel

This is one of the tourist most famous and luxurious hotels in Kuta. The hotel provides on-site food options, a kids’ zone, a playground, and numerous outdoor pools. The beach is only a 6-minute walk from the hotel, and shopping is only a 10-minute drive away. This hotel is the best spot for families.

The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali

This five-star hotel offers beachfront access, rooms, and private villas and is only 500 meters from Waterbom Waterpark. This hotel on Kuta Beach has a contemporary aesthetic with Balinese influences.

Pudak Sari Unizou Hostel

This hotel is suitable for a two-person trip. Kuta’s key attractions are within a 1-kilometer distance of the hotel. There are both private and shared accommodations, some of which have pool views.

Canggu -A Coolest Place

Canguu is the coolest place in Bali

Canguu has earned popularity and is now among Bali trends. It’s a resort village surrounded by rice paddies and beaches. It features beautiful beaches, including Echo, Old Man’s, Berawa, Pererenan, and Batu Belig, new, top-notch beach clubs, family-friendly activities, and a distinct atmosphere that is particular to this region of the island.

Canggu is known for its surfing culture and has many hip restaurants, clothing and accessory stores, markets, live music venues, beaches where you can watch the sunset, and beach clubs.

Many international ex-pats, business owners, bloggers, and content producers live in Canggu. This is the best place to experience what it’s like to live like a Bali-based influencer.

  • Had a calmer environment
  • Ideal for surfer
  • Beautiful views of the rice fields
  • Cheaper accommodations
  • Had limited Nightlife and shopping options
  • Online taxis or bikes are not allowed in this area

Best Places to Stay in Canggu

There are a lot of top-rated hotels in Canguu, so here is a list of the best ones to stay at:

The Haven Suites

It is one of the most lavish hotels. Suites in this Beach Hotel have wooden furnishings and Balinese touches. Its restaurant is open to visitors. It deals with new couples and

Koa D Surfer Hotel

It is the ideal location if you are considering staying in Canggu. This location is 700 m from Berawa Beach. While resting at this hotel, you may appreciate the breathtaking views of the fields. For swimmers, there is also a rooftop pool available.

Villa Berawa

This villa is fantastic for families and provides easy access to Berawa Beach. This villa is a luxurious place to live and offers excellent lodging among coconut palms, an outdoor pool, and a restaurant serving Indonesian food.

Seminyak – Ideal for Nightlife

Seminyak is the ideal for nightlife in Bali

A little bit of an opposite to Kuta’s urban vibe and Legian’s party center is stylish Seminyak. This luxury town has comparably upscale dining, drinking, and lodging options. There are numerous branded stores, fashionable boutiques, and other enterprises in a single location.

You will adore the fantastic nighttime and aquatic activities if you intend to stay the night here. Although wealthier tourists are the majority in Seminyak, other accommodations exist for those on a budget. Staying here entails staying in luxurious villas or elegantly designed hotels.

  • The town offers a wide variety of accommodation alternatives
  • It gives good options for dining and shopping
  • Clean and relaxing atmosphere
  • Bad traffic
  • Few alternatives available for aquatic recreation


Best Places to Stay in Seminyak

The following are the best hotels in Seminyak so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest:

The Seminyak Beach Hotel

This resort is the ideal representation of Balinese beauty, with an infusion of well-chosen rooms and suites. The Sunset Lounge, where you can take advantage of free afternoon tea daily, is surrounded by greenery.

Grandmas Plus Hotel

Another suitable option to stay in Seminyak is Grandmas Plus. It has a bright, contemporary, and stylish decor, simple with pops of vibrant color and intriguing artwork. The hotel hosts various cultural events, including yoga and cooking courses. It was here when traveling also meant being close to Seminyak Beach itself.

Ubud – Ideal for Relaxation

Ubud ideal place to relax in Bali

Ubud is located in Bali, Indonesia, in the island’s central foothills. Inland and north of the airport. It offers a peaceful and cultural vibe. Since Ubud is inland, there are no beaches there. Instead, it has lush rice fields and a tropical jungle.

This area has many Hindu temples, art galleries, museums, and unique shops selling handcrafted items like jewelry and wood carvings. It is the most excellent spot to stay for those who wish to understand the local culture and environment. You will always attend a ceremony or ritual because they occur at the temples.

In Ubud, yoga and meditation locations are typically within easy walking distance of your lodging. There are also plenty of museums, palaces, temples, art and craft markets, and other attractions. The area has countless exciting activities, and people of all ages and interests can visit.

  • It has blissful accommodations options
  • It gives a real Bali vibe
  • Ideal for exploring the north
  • No Beach Access

Best Places to stay in Ubud

There are lots of top-rated hotels and resorts in Ubud, so here is a list of the best ones for you to stay at so you can enjoy your stay to the fullest:

Alaya Resort Ubud

Alaya resort is located in well-kept gardens and tucked away near rice paddies. The apartments are exquisitely Balinese, with delicate decorations and terraces that look out over the outdoors. This delightful 5-star accommodation is conveniently located next to the Ubud Monkey Forest and close to Ubud Market.

Peacock Inn Ubud

Peacock Inn is a lovely hotel located on the north side of town. The location is perfect; it’s just a short stroll from Ubud’s main street. There are other great restaurants, and warungs close. The Palace, the Monkey Forest, and other temples are within walking distance. The hotel has spacious rooms/bathrooms, an outdoor pool, and a two-story colonial mansion appearance.

Ulun Ubud Resort

The Ulun Ubud Resort is a tranquil haven surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and has a view of the Tjampuhan River. With a free shuttle provided by the hotel, it’s simple to travel into the heart of Ubud from its Sanggan Village location. There are spacious rooms, an on-site lounge bar, a library, and a restaurant serving Indonesian delicacies.

Uluwatu – Ideal for couples

Uluwatu is the ideal place for couples in Bali

Uluwatu is located on the southwest tip of the Bukit Peninsula, Ngurah Rai International Airport. The southern Bali village of Uluwatu is well-known for being the gathering place of many surfers who enjoy testing the limits of the ocean.

Many hotels in this region of Bali have access to private beaches. You can find Hotels on the cliffs and close to the water. This fantastic location on the Bukit Peninsula is the ideal and most pleasant destination for couples.

The local specialty is handmade Balinese lace, sold in several boutiques. Additionally, numerous touristy shops promote Indonesian handicrafts.

  • Great surf spots
  • Various hotel choices for all price ranges
  • No Public Transportation
  • The Nightlife is minimal

Best Places to stay in Uluwatu

The following is a list of the best hotels and resorts in Uluwatu so you can enjoy your stay to the fullest:

Anantara Uluwatu Resort

This resort is hidden away on the southern shore with its lush beauty. It is shielded from the city’s noise and bustle so couples can explore and record beautiful moments. This resort offers extravagance for those who desire it yet are on a tight budget.

Noah Villa and Chapel

Noah’s cottage offers a stay amid lush, planted gardens. This location is open and roomy, with a soothing white color scheme. It has a distinctive arc-shaped form and a private pool. The consulates of Italy and Denmark are just a few nearby attractions.

One Degree Sunset Hill Leisure

It is located on a hillside in Bali’s southern region and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The hotel is excellent because of its tranquil location if you wish to escape it. It is also famous among budget travelers due to its affordability.

Amed – Ideal for Scuba Divers

Amed is the ideal place for Scuba divers in Bali

Amed is located in northeastern Bali, around 100 km from Ngurah Rai Airport. Besides the stunning environment and charming rustic atmosphere, diving and snorkeling are Amed’s main draws. Since the closest offshore reefs offer the best diving on the island, Amed is one of Bali’s most popular diving locations.

There are many dive companies in Amed to take divers to see Indonesia’s underwater wonders. Once you’ve had your fill of wandering beneath the waves, there are many excellent restaurants and boutique stores in the area.

 It might not be a popular destination for tourists, but it’s one of the most significant places to experience stunning marine life.

  • Cheap Accommodation
  • Best Diving spot
  • No Public transportation

Best Places to stay in Amed

The following are the best hotels to stay in Amed:

Oasis Amed

The French-run Oasis is in tropical gardens with a pool and plenty of space to unwind and enjoy. The rooms are spacious with white tiled flooring and crisp linen. This three-star hotel is situated next to Amed Beach, and the Amed Ferry Terminal is nearby. It’s a budget-friendly alternative for visiting Bali.

The Griya Villas and Spa

This five-star hotel has stunning sea views and is surrounded by tropical plants. This location offers a lot, including roomy villas, an oceanfront pool, and a spa and wellness center.

Denpasar – Ideal for BackPacker

Denpasar ideal place for backpackers

Though perhaps not as well-known as the bustling tourist area of Kuta Land, Denpasar has its appeal as a location where modernity and the distinctive Balinese culture effortlessly exist. It is the largest city and capital of Bali.

You can find out more about Balinese history there. The magnificent Bajra Sandhi Monument, Sakenan Temple, and Pura Jagatnatha Temple are top attractions.

 It provides authentic local restaurants, marketplaces, shopping centers, and cultural activities. This town is for you if you’re a backpacker who wants to avoid paying for pricey accommodations.

  • Cultural and Rustic atmosphere
  • You can have easy access to/from the airport
  • Affordable
  • There aren’t many hotel options
  • Not a tranquil town

Famous Resorts to Stay in Denpasar

The following are the best hotels and resorts to stay in Denpasar:

Alam Puri Art Museum Resort & Spa

Grand villas at Alam Puri  Resort have open designs, marble flooring, and sometimes a  pool and a kitchen. Stay here if you wish to complete the experience with the balcony’s tranquil views of the Ayung River or paddy fields.

The Banyumas Villa

The Banyumas Villa offers modern accommodations close to the business and entertainment district in the heart of Denpasar. This tranquil accommodation is only a short distance from the excitement and bustle of the capital.

Nusa Dua – Ideal for Families/Honeymooners

Nusa Dua is the ideal place for families & for honeymoon

Nusa Dua is located in the southeastern of Bali. It is renowned for being a collection of substantial five-star hotels and resorts, golf courses, and the island’s primary convention center. You may find Some of Bali’s most luxurious and private beachfront resorts on Nusa Dua’s white sands, as can the upscale Bali Collection shopping Centre.

Although it can feel a little closed off from the actual Bali, and most tourists like to remain in their resorts, it is a lovely neighborhood and a perfect spot to stay with family. There is much to do for the entire family, including boat cruises, kayak rentals, and snorkeling options.

  • Have magnificent resorts
  • Many Best beaches places
  • They are isolated from other famous Bali destinations like Canggu or Ubud etc.

Best Resorts to Stay in Nusa Dua

The following are the top-rated resorts to stay in Nusa Dua:

The Bale Villa & Spa Bali

 It is remote from the city and offers the most lavish conveniences. This resort features a stylish spa and a restaurant where you can sample both modern and traditional food from Bali. Here, every villa has its infinity pool and comfortable daybeds. The couples here have the opportunity to live like royalty.

Kubu Garden Suites & Villas

An exciting location with a sizable garden and gazebo is called Kubu Garden. You can watch the garden pool from the balcony, which is unique. You will like the service and the amenities, and it’s a terrific spot to eat out. Tanjung Benoa Beach and Basuka Watersports may be reached on foot in ten minutes.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are many beautiful areas to select from, so take your time. This post will give you a thorough overview of where to stay in Bali so you can decide according to your tastes. Plan your travel according to the best time of visit to experience the most. Have you been to Bali before? Let us know where you stayed and why in the comments section.

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