15 Types of Travel Bags & Luggages for your Trip

Do you know the best way to carry all your travelling gear and explore the beauties of the world is a comfy travel bag? You may use a different mode of transport: buses, trains, buses, planes, and boats, but one thing that remains constant is bags and suitcases. Whether you want a travel bag for teens, men, or women, a lot of variety is available online and offline.

We have compiled our favourite travel bags and luggage list if you are an avid traveller. We will guide you from the best way of packing bags to the Right choice of bag for you.



Travel backpacks are like school backpacks where you can zip your shoulder straps and hips belt. It has a lot of space inside, so you can use it when you want to pack a lot of stuff. These are suitable for hiking and camping.Travel bags are generally more compact than other types of bags. If you want a lightweight bag, it is ideal for you.

Best for

It’s ideal for those who want backpacking, camping, and road trips with light travel.

  • It gives you a lot of space and allows you to carry everything in one bag; for example, you won’t need different bags for clothes, books, laptops, and other items.
  • They are sturdy and durable, easy to carry, and capable of fitting in overhead compartments.
  • There is a separate section for each item to pack so you can easily organize everything according to your need.
  • You can easily adjust this bag according to your comfort.
  • When you wear a backpack for prolonged periods, it may cause strain on your shoulder. And if the straps are not padded, it will bring a lot of discomfort during the trip.


Wheeled Backpacks

Wheeled backpack

As the name suggests, it is a travel bag with wheels on the bottom and a handle. This travel bag is perfect when you need to carry something for an extended period. Backpackers who carry heavy luggage should consider getting a wheeled backpack.

Since these bags are portable, they generally provide more space and carry more items than regular backpacks. You can use its compartments to pack items separately, and its side pockets would help carry travel water bottles. The bag has wheels and shoulder straps for various terrains. In some situations, a wheeled backpack is necessary, but the decision depends on your individual choice.

Best For

People travel long distances and those who need to use airports, roads, or other areas until they reach their destination.

  • It is comfortable for travellers to carry or drag the bag wherever they want to go.
  • It made carrying heavy things more manageable and walking through the stairs more accessible.
  • People with back and balance issues could use this bag since it relieves a lot of body weight.
  • Its construction is made of rigid material, which makes it more durable.


  • The flexibility of these bags is not as great as traditional backpacks.
  • Lifting such a bag to a cliff can be challenging for you.

Rolling Luggage

Rolling Luggage

Travel bags with wheels are the most traditional type of luggage. Two or four wheels on the base and a retractable handle to pull the bag on top. A rolling travel bag is designed to roll instead of being carried on the back. They are moisture-resistant but may expose to scratches and wear and tear during flight. Unlike other travel bags, they don’t put much strain on your body and make it easy to get around with all your belongings. They are good a good choice for seniors. Wheeled luggage bags are most commonly made of ballistic nylon. There are usually various sizes available, and they are easy to pull around concrete and other flat surfaces.

Best for

It is all for travellers who plan to shop and bring items. You could also use it if you want to avoid arms strain due to carrying too much luggage.

  • It comes in various sizes and styles, including small luggage bags for children.
  • Since they are designed for essential travel, they are pretty durable.
  • It is easy to carry and manoeuvre because they are lightweight.
  • It is easy to lift them when carrying them on buses, aeroplanes, or high shelves in homes.
  • It is possible to pull around rough surfaces, but quite a challenge.
  • Pulling a heavy bag behind you for a long distance puts pressure on your wrists and joints.
  • These travelling bags cannot fit underneath the seat due to their size.

Hard side luggage

Hardside Luggage

Hard-side luggage is a carry-on bag with a split construction and hard-side bottoms. Its shells are made of Polycarbonate. They are rigid, durable, and weather-resistant, making them unique from other bags. Most of these cases do not exceed the limit of 8 pounds and remain lightweight despite their durability.

Furthermore, these suitcases have 360-degree spinner wheels that make them easy to move around. It also has a worldwide approved locking system that secures your essentials.

Best For

People who want to go on long-haul flights keep their luggage organized and protected.

  • It has spinner wheels, ideal for easy transportation and kinder on your joints and muscles.
  • The rigid material makes them more durable than other bags.
  • It is available in various sizes and is organized into compartments for different items.
  • In addition to the particular locking system, you can attach the TSA locks to your luggage to ensure your belongings are secure.
  • Some people don’t like to pack two halves of hardside luggage separately because they are less flexible than softside luggage.
  • They cannot be folded or altered, which makes storing your items challenging.

Messenger Bag

Messenger bag

Messenger bags are also called courier bags. They are rectangular shape bags with wide shoulder straps and a flap which covers the front of the bag. They were typically designed for messengers to carry documents for delivery. These bags have many designs and sizes. It generally has a large main compartment and external pockets for extra items. It is possible to expand some bags to create more space inside.

Best For

It’s perfect for travellers or bikers who don’t want to carry bulky items.

  • Messenger bags provide enough space for all your needs and are less bulky than other backpacks.
  • It’s a better option for travellers who want to minimize their workload and are looking for a more formal bag than a backpack.
  •  They are usually secured using a buckle, clasp, or zipper.
  • Since messenger bags lie across your lower back or side, they provide easy access to your items.
  • It may cause shoulder strain if you carry heavy items for too long because these bags don’t distribute the weight evenly.
  • They are quickly snatched due to the bag’s position on the shoulder and easy access from behind, so you must be cautious.

Duffle Bags

The duffel bag is a large and cylindrical bag made of leather or canvas with a zip closure and carrying straps. They’re also known as Weekender bags because they’re stylish gym bags you can use on weekends.

They have space to carry everything you need for weekend getaways, including your toiletries, clothes, and other travel essentials. You can compress these duffel bags, which are easier to store than other types of luggage. You can also carry such bags in different ways, like on the shoulder, back or on your hand.

Best For

It is ideal for Sports and gym enthusiasts who travel with their sports equipment. In addition, it’s great for day trips or weekend getaways.

  • A duffel bag is much more convenient than a suitcase, especially on rough surfaces.
  • The bag makes a perfect gym bag because it’s spacious, fashionable, and convenient for sports gear.
  • The bag has an extra zippered pocket.
  • These bags are economical and more durable than other types of luggage.
  • It has multiple compartments, which makes duffel bags the best travel bags for men.
  • These bags typically have thick polyester construction, so it’s best for outdoor activities.
  • They become disorganized quickly, and carrying them for long periods could be challenging.
  • This bag is not ideal for longer treks because it may strain on hands and shoulders.

Rolling Duffle Bags

Rolling duffle bags

A rolling duffel bag is a large bag with wheels and an excellent option for people who don’t like carrying bags by hand. They are made from durable materials, such as canvas or polyester. And its design makes them easy to roll around, as they can be worn as backpacks or rolled as a bag on wheels. Aside from that, they look way more stylish than a traditional duffel.

Best For

It is helpful for people with strained specific muscles, such as a bad back or tense shoulders—those who don’t want to carry things on their shoulders or hands.

  • In comparison to duffel bags, rolling duffel bags are more spacious and easier to transport.
  • It comes in various sizes and designs.
  • This bag is easy to roll and won’t make you tired.
  • The bag is easy to carry and roll, making the trip more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • They are more expensive than traditional duffels and can be difficult to transport through stairs.
  • These bags are pretty heavy when filled with belongings. When not in use, they can be challenging to store.

Travel Totes

It is a big, open-topped bag with two canvas handles. It is convenient, spacious, and versatile to carry around. You can use it as a carry-on bag on flights or as an everyday purse. Although not too big, it is large enough to carry all your belongings. The bag has a variety of designs and sizes, so you can find one that suits your needs.

Best for

You can use this bag for short trips, the gym, day trips, and weekends.

  • It can easily complement any style, making it a smart choice for fashion enthusiasts.
  • It is big enough to carry all your essential items.
  • Rather than a buckle, most totes have zippers or buttons, so don’t worry about pickpocketing.
  • These bags are available at reasonable prices. Even if you want to buy specialized totes such as a camera or laptop, they will cost you less than a designer bag.
  • A travel tote lacks an internal organization. It could be difficult for you to time find the required things at the airport.
  • It is not ideal for large unfold, able items like shoes etc.

Dopp Kit

Dopp kit

The Dopp kit is a portable case for storing your toiletries. These are typically soft pouches with an open compartment, but some have compartments for toothbrushes, soap, mini shampoos, etc. It’s always best to buy a travel toiletry bag made from hand-stitched and top-quality leather since these last longer than regular ones. Make sure the bag has several pockets as well.

Best For

It doesn’t matter what kind of traveller you are. As you travel, you will always require toiletries for personal hygiene. It keeps them organized.

  • A Dopp kit is generally durable due to its high-quality materials. 
  • There are usually several compartments and pockets in a Dopp kit travel bag, essentially providing a small storage area on the go.
  • This makes everything easier to find and keeps everything organized.
  • Your toiletries will look more organized and stylish this way.
  • Taking care of it will ensure that it lasts for years to come.
  • If you suddenly open your Dopp Kit, the contents can spill, creating a mess.
  • Tablets and phones can’t be carried in the bag since it’s not secure enough. Because of its size, it’s hard to move around. 

Fanny Pack

Fanny Pack

A fanny pack is a small, lightweight pouch worn around the waist or hips. These bags allow men and women to carry small items like money and credit cards. Ideal for outdoor activities as it is made for outdoor use

Best For

They maintain the safety of your valuables. Your wallet will be much more difficult to steal from than pockets or purses since the thief has to get very close. Furthermore, they let you enjoy street food snacks with your hands-free.

  • Fanny packs may be the most versatile option for hikers to transport their gear.
  • You can even safely put your more oversized objects away in these small travel bags, which have zipper compartments.
  • Their ease of wearing, affordability, and capacity make them famous.
  • Some people think wearing this bag makes them look stupid.
  • Keeping a fanny pack on while hiking can feel like torture to backpackers. It’s probably best to skip the fanny pack if you’ll be carrying your weight all day long.

Vintage Suitcase

Vintage suitcase

When travelling, vintage travel suitcases will make you stand out. A vintage suitcase with style is an excellent choice if you like vintage items or just want a suitcase with style. The classic looks of vintage travel suitcases make them a popular choice among people. Their design makes them aesthetically appealing and can be used by men and women regardless of age.

Best For

A person who prefers style and looks over functionality and durability. This portable antique will make your journey feel extra special.

  • Vintage suitcases don’t cost as much as new ones with designer labels, which is one of the best things about owning one.
  • These suitcases have high-quality zippers, thick frames, and tight seams that will not easily break even if used as checked luggage or carry-ons.
  • A vintage suitcase is perfect for those who want something different from the typical imprinted travel bags.
  • Vintage suitcases can look old and tattered since they aren’t exactly new.
  • As they’re more accessible to damage, you shouldn’t take them on long trips or up Mount Fuji.

Travel Trunk

Travel trunk

Travel trunks are rectangular containers for extended stays, such as college or overseas trips. They are hard-shelled, durable, and can take a beating. Early in the 20th century, travel trunks were used to carry belongings over long distances. Usually, trunks served as storage and protection for belongings while travelling by train or steamer. They are now used for travel and as living room furniture after the contents have been removed.

Best For

Travel trunks are a great way to transport all your clothes and valuables if you’re studying or working abroad.

  • Every time you use it, it’s like opening a treasure chest.
  • Most of these are highly durable materials, such as wood covered with leather or good-quality cloth. It is guaranteed that your belongings will be well protected during transportation, no matter the weather.
  • It comes in different sizes so you can choose the smallest one as a souvenir. Even large ones can transport goods, equipment, etc., for commercial purposes.
  • You may need assistance moving large trunks, bulky ones, or ones that are clunky ones.

Packing Cubes Bag

Packing cubes bag

This type of travel bag has several fabric-lined compartments. You can easily transport and unpack your belongings with these compartments. They help to organize and pack your belongings. Travellers can choose from various sizes and shapes of packing cube bags. Also, they are typically more affordable than traditional suitcases, making them an excellent choice for budget travellers.

Best For

It helps you keep your belongings organized when you’re wrapped up with work during your trip.

  • This type of travel bag is ideal for organizing your belongings while travelling.
  • You can also use this bag to store clothes in your closet or take them on vacation with you.
  • If you’re trying to pack light, they could take up a lot of space in your luggage.

Garment Bag

Garment bag

A garment bag is made of soft material with a long zipper down the middle. The purpose of these bags is to prevent the clothes from getting dusty, smelly, dirty, or wrinkled while being transported. This travelling bag can be a great option if you don’t have time to wash or iron your clothes due to busy travel or business schedules. There are two sections in the garment bag: one for clothes and another for makeup or shoes. As a result, it is easier to carry clothes and shoes separately.

Best For

When travelling for work, attending weddings or reunions, or protecting more acceptable clothing from wrinkling, dust, dirt, and odours.

  • Garment bags keep your clothes in good condition no matter how long your journey is.
  • A shoe compartment and a bag compartment are included to complete different looks.
  • Travellers with many clothes may find it more convenient to carry a garment bag than a smaller bag with an iron box.
  • There is usually a long handle on these travel bags so that you can easily carry them or hang them on a bus, train, plane etc.
  • It protects your clothes from dust, dirt, germs, etc
  • These bags are not allowed on some airlines.
  • Carrying them isn’t easy.
  • They often don’t fit long dresses and coats.

Laptop Travel Bags

Laptop travel bags

These bags are slightly bigger than laptop size and are designed to protect laptops, iPads, and other electronic devices from scratches. It usually has an inner zippered compartment and exterior pockets for your phone or other computer accessories. While choosing the laptop bag of your choice, make sure it must have padding.

Best For

These bags have a laptop compartment and are ideal when you are on work trips.

  • It makes travelling with gadgets easy and organized.
  • You can easily carry your books or daily necessities with this bag.
  • Due to their portability, you can carry everything you need and work in any coffee shop.
  • They are comparatively lightweight and fashionable.
  • It could become a piece of extra luggage if in case you are travelling with a rolling suitcase.
  • These bags don’t have a rigid frame, so they are less protected.


Why choose the right travel bag?

A travel bag is vital in determining your travel experience in many ways. Therefore, selecting the correct type of travel bag is crucial. Having the right bag allows you to carry everything you need and to access them easily. Furthermore, your items will be kept safe and confidential. Therefore, you must master the words for the different types of travel bags as you examine our list. In the future, when you are shopping for travel bags, you will find this helpful.

How big should my luggage be based on airline restrictions?

Each airline may have different rules about weight and size, but the main idea is not to exceed them. The linear dimensions of carry-on baggage are usually 45 inches for most airlines. The best option for you would be to purchase a rolling American Tourister travel bag.

What is the best travel bag for saving space?

Among travellers, duffel bags, roller bags, and carry-on luggage are the most popular choices when it comes to luggage space

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