When is The Best Time To Visit Vietnam?

Have you ever planned to visit Vietnam? If not, you surely have missed one of the most beautiful places in Southeast Asia. The country is more than 1600 km long, with northern Vietnam and southern Vietnam along with central Vietnam. So, When is the best time to visit Vietnam? Depending on where you are traveling, there is an ideal time to travel to Vietnam. The weather changes from the north to the South of the country. And the weather between Feb to April is quite enjoyable.

The visit to Vietnam depends upon what you crave to see. Do you want to see cultural festivals? Or you do not wish to any crowded areas, or do you want to enjoy the beach? Well, you can decide this after taking a tour here with us.

Here we will discuss the dramatic climatic change occurring in Vietnam throughout the year so that you can plan your travel plans accordingly.

Geography and Climatic Changes of Vietnam

The country of Vietnam has a tropical monsoon season. Southern Vietnam, northern Vietnam, and central Vietnam comprise the nation’s three regions. The southwestern monsoon dominates from May till September, northeast October till April.

The two regions have quite diverse climates. Whatever month you want to visit Vietnam, you will experience the extreme humidity and freezing weather caution along with the dry season.

You can do this with a little bit of research before traveling. Take extra caution while traveling with your family as the weather can be very hot or the wet season. The monsoon season of Vietnam is quite extreme, with typhoons and hurricanes. To visit Vietnam, avoid the rainy season, especially when coming with the family and kids. You can enjoy the mid-autumn festival, which can be very entertaining for everyone.

High Season for Visiting the Country

Try to travel to Vietnam in the spring to experience the country’s most amazing weather (March to April). This is when the temperature is quite pleasant throughout the country, and you can visit wherever you want, depending on the temperature of the north and central highlands. The best time to visit is when there is little rain and average temperatures.

The central coast of central Vietnam has sunny skies during the summer season. It makes visiting Vietnam the peak season for tourists.

The moderate temperature with light rainfall makes it a more beautiful place to enjoy and relax. The rainy season runs.

North Vietnam

The north Vietnam contains the Hanoi, Halong Bay, Cuc Phuong, Mai Chau & Ninh Binh. These places are trendy in winter and summer, and the average temperature is most y seasons. The winters are wet and dry, and the average temperature is mainly 17-22 C. The month of January till March is the coldest month with the temperature going to minus.

The north side of Vietnam experiences a distinct seasonal variation throughout the year, but during the summers, you can easily enjoy Halong bay and Mai chauChau valley.

South Vietnam

The south part of Vietnam is always warm and pleasant with low rains. The wet and dry weather makes it a memorable trip to Ho Chi, Minh city, and the Mekong Delta. 

This region’s dry season begins in November and lasts until April. June, July, and August receive the highest rainfall of the year, but these rains are short-lasting and won’t create any problems with the traveling plans. Instead, it will be suitable for the photograph as the Mekong delta and rice fields make gorgeous greenery. Sometimes the temperature from March to May is unbearable, with the temperature of 40 C.

Central Vietnam

The central Vietnam consist of Hoi An, Hue & Danang. These have moderate hot and dry weather almost the whole year. The summertime temperature can be as high as 30 C. In winter, there is a lot of rainfall, often met with typhoon season. These typhoons are unpredictable, but they mostly come from August to November.

After the heavy rainfall, tourists can easily experience warmer temperatures and pleasant weather. Hue is cooler than Hoi An because these two are mountains apart. Sometimes the weather of both places differs, making it fun to spend time there.

From the South of Hoi An, there is a 6-hour drive to Quy Nhon. Additionally, it is among the most stunning locations, and the weather is agreeable. People can enjoy the dry weather. If you want to enjoy the dry season more, you can visit the far South of Vietnam, where there is Nha Trang, with a longer dry season from January to September.

If you prefer rainy weather, you should move to the central highlands where there is Dalat. It is pouring, which makes you enjoy the rain, but you are bound not to go outside. The weather here is either rainy or cold throughout the year.

Climate Table

Vietnam Climate  Table

Seasons of Vietnam

The country of Vietnam has a great versatile climatic season. It lies within the tropical monsoon climate where there are only two seasons, and one is dry, which occurs from November to April. The other season is rainy, which arises from May till October.

Spring Season in Vietnam

The spring season is scorching, and the sea breeze gives no relief to the area. In April, the tropical rains started making the temperature bearable and lowering the intensity of hot weather.

The north side of Vietnam has a high rate than the other parts of the country. The month of May is hot all around the country, but the light and heavy showers make it enjoyable for all the tourists.

  • The average temperature in March is 17-23 ºC.
  • The average temperature in April is 21-28 ºC.
  • The average temperature in May is 23-32 ºC.

Summer in Vietnam

The summer in the country of Vietnam is sweltering. The temperature rises to 33 ºC, even though there are frequent rains in the area, but still, it is not enough to lower the temperature in the southern part of Vietnam.

The central part of Vietnam is the drier of all regions. The month of August is full of typhoons and heavy rainfall. It is hazardous to roam around the area. You can enjoy the rain from the inside.

The northern part is even hotter but since there are many sea sides, thus having a sea breeze minimizes the hot waves. The sea sides are a popular attraction for tourists to visit northern Vietnam.

 The summer months are June, July, and August.

  • The average temperature in June is 26-33 ºC.
  • The average temperature in July is 25-33 ºC.
  • The average temperature in August is 25-33 ºC.

Autumn in Vietnam

The season of autumn starts in September, but the temperature remains hot. Water at beaches is also desirable at this time of year. Slowly and gradually, as November approaches, the temperature becomes moderate, yet the rains remain the same.

The autumn season in central Vietnam is quite dangerous, especially the Hanoi, due to the severe hurricanes and unprepared rain. It might seem normal to the locals, but the tourist who has not done their research correctly might get in trouble. So, It doesn’t seem like the right time to visit Vietnam.

  • The average temperature in September is 24-31 ºC.
  • The average temperature in October is 21-29 ºC.
  • The average temperature in November is 18-26 ºC

Winter Season in Vietnam

The winter season is the best to visit Vietnam, as you can enjoy the two extreme kinds of weather if you have come prepared.

Southern Vietnam is considered the best during the winter when you can easily enjoy the pleasant evenings, wandering in beach water on southern beaches.

The average temperature of northern Vietnam is about 13-15 ºC which is not the best time to visit the country, especially in the north. The central part of the country is much warmer, and it is the right time to visit with the tropical climate.

Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

One of Southeast Asia’s most stunning locations is Vietnam. It is full of surprises and an opportunity to enjoy, relax, and have a wonderful insight into hiking, biking, and the big cities’ buzz.

Here we have a few beautiful places in Vietnam.

Halong Bay

HaLong Bay

It is a UNESCO world heritage site, where thousands of limestone islands sit within the bay in the Gulf of Tonkin.

The scenery of this place is spellbinding where. You can enjoy the view from the cruise ship too. Most tourists prefer to stay overnight to explore this beautiful place of Vietnam.

There are many caves like Hang Sung sot with three mammoth caverns and the Hang Dao Go, which are also open for tourists to enjoy the weird stalagmites and stalactites. Overall, it is one of the top-rated places to visit all year round. If you wish to have a memorable vacation, then you must visit Halong bay.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City

If you are visiting the city of Vietnam, your visit is incomplete without coming to the central hub. Here you can see the streets flooding with bikes and cars and many other shops and cafés.

The city has a Dhong Khoi in the center, which contains all the city’s main sights. Here you can find the HCMC Museum, which has the oldest art crafts from the 19th century. If you wish to see the French architecture of old times, you can visit the old district of Da Kao, which attracts many tourists worldwide.

There are many other places like the War Remnants Museum, the independence palace, and the Buddhist iconography, all of these, hold a special place in the heart of Vietnam people. They all represent the hard time they saw when the war hit them.



This city of Vietnam is known as a historic town as you can see the remains of the 19th century scattered all around the city.

With the Perfume River, you can see the Imperial Enclosure, spreading up to 2.5 km. It contains many open sites of the late emperors and the queen.

Hoi An

Hoi An

Hoi An is the most well-preserved city in the country of Vietnam. Here you can explore the Hoi An’s trading center, which can be the central trade point during the 15th century.

Many houses are preserved and open for the public to visit and relive the old era. There are numerous places around the city with fascinating architectural and decorative things.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang

It is known as the King of sandy beaches. It covers approx. 6 km along the shore of central Vietnam. It is the main attraction to tourists planning to visit central Vietnam.

During the summers, the beach weather is so relaxing that it’s hard to get the spot due to many families and visitors enjoying the warm water.

The beach and designated swimming lounges and areas are excellent for swimming. You can enjoy sunbathing and relaxing with your kids enjoying their beach vacation. The Nha Trang festival fills the city in early June, making it the best time to visit Vietnam.

This place is also known for the place of worship, which represents the relics of the 7th century. Nearby is the Nha Trang Pasteur Institute, which was responsible for the vaccination of the plague and is still in a working position.

Apart from these places, there are many more, like Phu Quoc Island, Ha Giang, Cat Ba Island, Mekong Delta, and Ba Be National Park. All of these places cover both the north and the south part of the country. The average temperature of these areas makes it a more enjoyable trip for tourists.

The beaches, the clear skies, the underwater world, and cruise trips can be the best experience for you during the dry season as the winters and summers are very extreme. The warm days have high humidity and high temperatures making it difficult to enjoy the whole country. Check out more about Beaches in Nha Trang Here.

Festivals of Vietnam

The country of Vietnam is a versatile country with a highly multi-Vietnamese culture. The Chinese positively influenced it because of their 1000 years of Northern Ruling. Numerous holidays are held annually to honor the memory of ancestors, the rule of dynasties, and humanity. The most prominent festivals celebrated throughout the year are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Lunar New Year

The lunar new year or Tet (Tet Nguyen Dan) is celebrated at the beginning of the new lunar calendar. It is mainly celebrated in Hanoi. It is considered the most significant festival where all the schools and offices are closed. There are several family get-togethers and reunions. At this time of year, many individuals follow unusual rituals and present gifts to their parents and children following their preferences.

Ghost Festival/ Souls Wandering Day

It takes place on the fifteenth night of the seventh lunar month. It is believed in ancient times that the lost souls or ghosts wandered around at this time of the year. It is also known as wandering souls day. It will bring bad luck and create trouble for everyone. Every Vietnamese person in the nation prays and sends their offerings, which include clothing, food, and other things, at this time of national celebration.

Mid Autumn Festival

It is also known as Children’s Day. The festival starts from the 14th to the 15th of the eighth lunar month of the year. It is celebrated all around southeast Asia, but the Vietnamese have a different version to celebrate. The preparations started weeks before the event. You can enjoy watching dancing lions with colorful masks and costumes around the streets.

The children are most happy during this festival as they get to eat many different dishes along with their lanterns. Every street of Hang Ma street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi is loaded with families and children.

Spring Festival

The spring festival starts in late January or early February. It is the first season of the year after the lunar new year. The celebration of this season consists of many other festivals celebrated all around the country to show Vietnamese’s long-standing culture and tradition.

Many people reunite with their families to enjoy these festivals, which start from the far north, covering northern cities to the southern coast.

Some of these festivals are

  • Huong Pagoda Festival (Perfume Pagoda Festival)
  • Lim Festival
  • Yen Tu Festival
  • Hung Kings’ Temple Festival
  • Ba Den Mountain Festival Tay Ninh

Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival

Buffalo fighting is a unique festival celebrated because of Do Son’s locals’ belief that the fighting of buffalo is a way of thanking the water goddess. It is a sign of prosperity, happiness, and abundant crop.

The festival takes place on the 9th day of the 8th lunar month. It takes a whole year to prepare these buffaloes to fight each other.

They sacrifice the winner buffalo and the other buffaloes at the end. The winning village of the festival is assumed to have more prosperity the following year.

So you did get the Idea of when to visit the Beautiful Country of Vietnam. Now let’s take a look at the best time to visit Bali.


With mostly clear skies, the northeasterly winter monsoon, the central region of the mountainous far north, and the cold winter weather made Vietnam a dominant country in Southeast Asia. The best time to visit Vietnam is whole year-round when you can enjoy the spring flowers, summer solstice, warmer temperatures, and little rain.

Vietnam earned prominence as a result of the Vietnam War in addition to its numerous tourist destinations and festivals. But as of today, ho Chi Minh city, the central highlands, and full moon festivals represent the country worldwide.

Many tourists visit Vietnam to enjoy their time with their families.

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