9 Most Beautiful & Best Beaches in Vietnam you should Visit

The best beaches in Vietnam were hidden for an extended period. They were unknown due to the war factor, but recently with social media in power, the sandy beaches of Vietnam are well admired worldwide.

The coastline spread out to 3000 km having powdery sand, multiple lagoons, and beautiful islands. Here are the top 5 best Beaches in Vietnam coastline.

North Coast Vietnam Beaches

North Coast Vietnam Beaches
  • Tuan Chau Beach, Ha Long bay
  • Co To Beach, Quang Ninh
  • Quan Lan Beach, Quang Ninh
  • Dong Chau Beach, Thai Binh
  • Cat Ba Beach, Hai Phong

South Coast Vietnam Beaches

South Coast Vietnam Beaches
  • City Beach, Nha Trang
  • An Hai Beach, Con Dao Island
  • Doc Let Beach, Hon Khoi Peninsula
  • Mui Ne Beach, Phan Thiet
  • Quy Nhon Beach, Binh Dinh

Central Vietnam Beaches

Central Vietnam Beaches
  • Long Beach, Nha Trang Beach
  • Lang Co Bay, Hue
  • My Khe Beach, Quang Ngai
  • Non-Nuoc Beach, Da Nang
  • Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An

They are among the most picturesque locations in Southeast Asia. Therefore if you want the finest holiday, you must go there. Let’s explore it some more and see what they are offering.

Best Time to Visit Vietnam

Since we all know that Vietnam has different tropical monsoons for the southern and northern parts of the country, in Southern Vietnam, the dry season is from December to April. The rainy weather goes from May till November, making it difficult to enjoy the open sun.

The central part of Vietnam has famous destinations like Nha Tarang and Da Nang. The perfect time to visit the beaches here is from March to August, away from the rainy season.

In Northern Vietnam, the warm and dry season starts from October until December. Even though the dry weather is the same after December, the temperature can sometimes decrease.

Most Beautiful & Best Beaches in Vietnam for Sunbathing

The coastline of Vietnam’s beaches goes to 3000 km, which makes it tricky to choose for your vacation. Here we have 20 beaches and tropical islands that are very popular and beautiful. These all are fully equipped with tourist facilities and beach resorts. If you are looking for a beach vacation, this place is where you should be.

The beaches in Vietnam are the best examples of natural beauty. Out of all of them, we will discuss the top 9 sandy beaches.

  • City Beach, Nha Trang
  • Mui Ne Beach, Phan Thiet
  • Lang Co Beach
  • Long Beach, Phu Quoc
  • Doc Let Beach, Hon Khoi Peninsula
  • An Hai Beach, Con Dao Island
  • My Khe Beach
  • Quy Nhon Beach, Binh Dinh
  • Non-Nuoc Beach, Da Nang

City Beach, Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang Beach

This is situated in Vietnam’s southern region. Which visitors and numerous locals mostly populate, serves as the country’s cultural and economic center. There are many towering buildings on the site with party venues.

The beach at the coastal city is stretched out approx. 14 miles, containing cafes, restaurants, and bars along with the sandy beach. They are very impressive for sunbathing too. The weather is good on this side of the beach people enjoy waves during the day and at night, with hoverboarding and cycling along the shore. Check out more about Nha Trang Beaches here.

Mui Ne Beach, Phan Thiet

Mui Ne Beach, Phan Thiet

This spot is located not far from Ho Chi Minh City. The beach is very charming and loveable by the tourists because of all the activities like sailing, surfing, and kitesurfing. The beach is perfect for spending your vacation with bars, restaurants, and open-sea surfing.

Many tourists come to this beach to visit all the unexplored areas around the beach. It is surrounded by natural wonders and coral reefs to explore.

Many tourists come here just to have an underwater dive on the island. Here they can have an adventurous trip and have a good view of photographs.

Lang Co Beach

Lang Co Beach

This is the right place to visit if you are a seafood lover. The place is full of seafood restaurants. You can grab a bite from the beach bars and enjoy the peaceful sight along with the lagoon, which is created between oceans and mountains. The beach is one of the amazing beaches of da nang.

The top of Hai Van Pass needed a full battery camera, as the view is stunning from there. From there, you can see the Lang co beach and Da Nang city, having dry, bright days and beautiful sea views.

The spot is perfect for swimming and sunbathing, but it depends on the month you choose for traveling. Always try to go there when the tropical monsoon weather is finished, giving you a better chance to enjoy yourself.

 Long Beach, Phu Quoc

 Long Beach, Phu Quoc

The long beach is on the west coast of Phu Quoc Island, which stretches up to 20 km. The area is covered with yellow sand and swaying palm trees planted all around the beach, making it the best beach in Vietnam.

The beach is not the prettiest but busiest because of its restaurants and hotels. It provides a good view of the hotel with its tropical sunsets. Many tourists like to visit there in the dry season to make the most of their vacation having sunbathing.

Visiting the marketplace can be done easily if you have a bike in your hand. This can be arranged with the restaurants present at the beaches.

Doc Let Beach, Hon Khoi Peninsula

Doc Let Beach

The Doc Let beach is one of the best beach destinations in Vietnam. The beach is on Hon Khoi Peninsula, located in South Vietnam.

The calmness of the water, not much crowd, and white sand make it on the list of beautiful beaches. You can reach this beach through a bus which comes from Nha Tarang.

This beach is not much crowded, which gives total privacy to the tourists to enjoy their time fully with a day trip to the soft beach of Nha Tarang. The Doc Let Beach is magic with turquoise waters and dunes. The view makes the tourist fall in love with it instantly.

You can enjoy the salt mine and Hon Gon Sandbar on the peninsula and the underwater dives and seafood at the restaurants. Overall, it is the best beach in Vietnam, providing the best view for your vacations.

An Hai Beach, Con Dao Island

An Hai Beach

If you are visiting the southern part of Vietnam, then you must be aware of the best beaches in Vietnam there. It’s the home to the beautiful beaches in the Con Dao Islands, which has the An Hai beach in the middle of the southern coast. The An Hai Beach is the home to the best beach destination you can ever have.

The beach is loaded with small boats and fishermen in the morning, ready to sail out in the open water. Later on, in the evening, when the sun is bright, many tourists gather around to enjoy the sunbathing and beautiful scenery. All the nature lovers love the view as they climb up the mountains during their visit.

The sea water is crystal blue having white sand on the beach. Many tourists like the calmness of the water as high mountains surround it.

The area is just a 10 min walk from the hotels and restaurants made to facilitate the tourists. The entire island was previously utilized during the war, but today just the conflict’s remnants are visible there.

There are many beaches other than this around the island, making it a stunning beach location.

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach is listed to be the best beach all around Vietnam. It is trendy, having clear skies and white sand with warm water. These all make the beach the most demanding for the tourist.

We all know that apart from the dry season, it is risky to have a vacation during tropical monsoon, but this beach has a clear sky all year.

The best view from this beach is the sunrise and the sunset, which you can enjoy while lying under the coconut trees. The effect of the sun on the blue water and white sand is extraordinary and makes it popular among all visitors.

This beach also provides the facility of surfing so that the tourists can easily enjoy their time at the beach.

Quy Nhon Beach, Binh Dinh

Quy Nhon Beach

Quy Nhon is one of the most luxurious cities in Vietnam. The city is full of luxurious restaurants and resorts. The beach here is mostly full of people of the elite class enjoying their vacations by swimming, surfing, and having delicious and splendid sea foods.

The place is full of local and foreign travelers having a ride along with one of the best beaches in Vietnam. Even though the northern side has another famous beach, the Nha Tarang, this place is still almost flooded over the year.

The water here is clear, and most people love to relax on the beach as few restaurants have the coastline within their premises, making it a dream vacation.

Non-Nuoc Beach, Da Nang

Non-Nuoc Beach

Da nang beach is one of the best in all of Vietnam. The area of this beach was unknown for so many years, but since tourists always longed to have some private spot, they visited this beach. Later on, this beach is modified and now is one of the busiest and best spots of da nang.

The water is clear, with many activities throughout the dry season. Here you can enjoy surfing and jet skiing as water sports. Many water sports enthusiasts visit this area.

The best place to stay there is the Hyatt Residency which occupies a huge beachfront and spacious rooms. The view from the big balconies is very soothing and refreshing. One can take a bath along with having a beautiful sight to see.

Island of Vietnam Beaches

Island of Vietnam Beaches

There are several beautiful beaches around the country with crystal-clear water, white sand beaches, and breathtaking scenery, as we have already highlighted. Apart from these, a few islands are also popular because of their natural beauty. These islands are Phu Quoc islandCon Dao islands, and Cat ba island.

These islands are spread from the central coast to the country’s south coast. The tourists and the locals can easily have day trips to the tropical getaway islands, which provide hiking to green mountains, sunbathing, and surfing on the beautiful beach with swaying coconut palms.

These Vietnam beaches are also best for scuba diving, where you can experience pristine coral reefs.


With more than 3000 km of the coast of the south china sea, there we have beautiful, stunning, and spectacular beaches in Vietnam. They have clear water, beach resorts, and restaurants for your extended stay. The top 9 beaches are discussed above to help the travelers who will be the best for their vacation plan.


What are the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam?

The most beautiful beaches of Vietnam are:
Ha Long Bay
Con Dao Island
Ha Long Bay
Phu Quoc Island
My Khe Beach
Hon Lon Beach
Doc Let Beach
Ho Coc Beach

Which are the most popular best beaches in Vietnam?

Even though all the beaches surrounding the country Vietnam are popular and beautiful, there is the Nha Tarang beach. This beach is vibrant with the beautiful scene having parks along the coastal areas, making it a small place to rest and enjoy the view.

Where should I stay while having a vacation in Vietnam?

The resort named Four Seasons Resort, located at The Nam Hai, Hoi An, is the best of all.
Even so, there are many little restaurants close to the beaches where you can easily access the swimming pools, sea, and sun and enjoy your stay and go to the beach.

Is Vietnam cheaper than Thailand?

According to the survey done regarding these two Countries. Vietnam’s cost of living is less than Thailand’s, even in a major city such as Ho Chi Minh City. About 20 to 30 percent less will be paid than you would in Thailand. However, not everything will be cheaper. People usually tend to see a good vacation at cheaper rates.

Is south or north Vietnam better?

Northern Vietnam has cool, damp winters and hot, dry summers, whereas the south has a consistently tropical climate broken by a rainy season between May and November. Both regions have beautiful scenery.

What is better, Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi?

Hanoi tends to favor more conventional dishes all around the area. Therefore, Hanoi is the city to visit if you’re looking for traditional Vietnamese food.
However, Ho Chi Minh City offers a greater variety of traditional and fusion cuisine.

What is the best month to go to Vietnam?

The best months to visit the best beaches in Vietnam are the month of March and April. You can read more about this here. When Is the best time to visit Vietnam?

Which city is most beautiful in Vietnam?

“The city of Hoi An is considered the most beautiful city in Vietnam.” This historical trading town, situated on the central coast, is well-known for its ancient Old Town.
Apart from these, the cobblestoned streets, narrow canals, Chinese colonies, and French colonial buildings are a sight.

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