Why Is Tumi So Expensive? Unleashing the Power of Tumi

A bag is a practical accessory that can hold all your essentials with ease and convenience. From the earliest forms of pouches to modern-day designer bags, the bag has evolved into a fashion accessory that serves a practical purpose and makes a statement about our style.

In search of luxury luggage brands, did you see a name that stood out to you because of its exclusivity: Tumi? If you did your homework before buying Tumi, you know it is one of the best but most expensive brands in the luggage market.

In this blog post, we will explain why Tumi is so expensive. We’ll break it down into its features, branding, material, etc. In the end, you’ll be fully aware of what to expect or whether getting a Tumi bag is a good option for you or not. So, Let’s begin!

What is Tumi?

Tumi is a luxury travel and lifestyle brand that makes high-end luggage, bags, accessories, and apparel. The brand was founded in 1975 and is known for its high-quality materials and functional designs.

Tumi products are sold at premium prices and are popular among frequent travellers, business professionals, and anyone looking for stylish and durable travel gear.

Is Tumi a Luxury Brand?

Is tumi a luxury brand

Tumi is among the luxury brands in the luggage industry, like Gucci and Christian Dior in fashion. The Tumi brand built its strong reputation with a wide range of producing high-end travel suitcases and bags.

Their products are designed with premium materials and functional and stylish designs, resulting in durable and aesthetically pleasing products. So, the products have premium prices, which reflects the brand’s exclusivity and prestige.

Why Are Tumi Luggage So Expensive?

Suppose you have your eye on Tumi but need help convincing yourself to buy it due to its waving prices. What exactly makes brand products so expensive? The reason is it is different from the design that makes Tumi’s product so pricey; here are a few other factors contributing to Tumi’s prices. Let’s find out those.

1. Premium Materials

The first reason Tumi’s luggage is pricey is that their backpacks and luggage have high-quality construction. One popular material they use is Tegris. Tegris Thermoplastic Composite Material is explicitly made for heavy-duty work and gives excellent resistance against fragment, projectile, and blast threats.  

As a result, they can endure severe handling by airport luggage handlers. Another quality of Tegris is that it is lightweight, fully recyclable and gives more than twice the impact resistance compared to other plastic-like materials.

Other materials are Polycarbonate and Ballistic Nylon. These materials make Tumi’s product among the high-quality ones on the market.

2. Innovative Features

Tumi conducts its research and innovation for a line of products. Their products undergo thorough testing before going on sale. As a result, they create better, more durable, and more reliable items for their customers. You have to pay a relatively high price for such a high-quality product.

3. Appealing Design

Although Tumi’s designs are more traditional, its suitcases have a lot of personalities. The inside of their product looks better than the outside.   While Tumi travel accessories aren’t glamorous, they focus on making higher-quality luggage. In terms of design, Tumi is consistent, and customers can identify a Tumi product from a distance.

4. Luxury Branding

All luxury brands use this branding technique to increase their brand awareness and sales. What is particular about using various marketing strategies with these brands is that the image can last long, especially on social media when customers tag the brand or send pictures of themselves holding a Tumi bag or accessory. This image can last very long and always influences the buying decision.

5. Unbeatable Warranty

In the past, Tum gave a full-time warranty for all the products. But they changed this to a five-year warranty. During the first 12 months after purchase, Tumi offers full coverage for most product damage. However, after the first year, Tumi’s warranty policy changes, and the company may no longer cover damages incurred while in transit or caused by airlines and baggage handlers. 

6. Customer Support

TUMI’s customer support gives 24/7 service to the customers and helps them with any queries or concerns they might have. This kind of support creates trust and confidence in the brand and leads to a positive customer experience.

You could get information and advice from its customer service team on various topics, from warranty issues to product recommendations. Overall, TUMI’s commitment to quality customer service is a significant differentiator for the brand, and it is one of the reasons why TUMI is a leader in the luggage industry.

7. Customer Loyalty

Like Gucci and other luxury brands, Tumi also succeeded in getting loyal customers who came back every time. Tumi commonly charges a lot for its products, as its customers are often willing to pay for the status and exclusivity of owning a luxury item.

 Their excellent customer service also plays a role in building customer loyalty and keeping customers coming back for more. Abundant is a loyal Tumi customer and appreciates the quality of the brand’s products.

8. Tumi gives Back

Although Tumi charges a lot, but also gives back and contributes to the welfare of society. Tumi has given to many foundations and charitable organizations over the years. It has raised over $ 5 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

To support Petra Nemecova’s charity, Tumi held a sale campaign in 2016.

9. Environment

The fashion industry plays a significant role in environmental pollution, from the materials used to produce products to the disposal of products. So Tumi is playing its part in improving our environmental conditions.

It is making efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. It partners with organizations like Pratt Institute Center for Sustainable Design Studies and Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation to implement sustainable solutions.

Tumi is likewise working on removing all PVC, and they have impressively cut it out of their products by 95%.

How Long Does Tumi Luggage Last?

How long does tumi luggage last

The lifespan of any luggage depends on how frequently we use it, how you and others handle it during travel, and how well it is taken care of. Tumi’s products are known for high durability and long-lasting construction.

Many Tumi customers report that their luggage has lasted for several years, even with frequent use. Tumi offers a 5-year warranty on most of its products, which shows the brand’s confidence in the quality of its products. However, storing them properly allows you to use the Tumi luggage for several years.

What Sets the Tumi Brand Apart?

What sets the tumi brand apart

Several factors set the Tumi brand apart from other luggage and travel accessory brands:

1. High-quality materials

Tumi uses only high-quality materials to construct its products, such as ballistic nylon, polycarbonate, and full-grain leather.

2. Innovative design

 Tumi is known for its innovative design, which contains features like organizational pockets, expandable compartments, and removable garment bags. This design makes Tumi luggage highly functional and easy to use.

3. Attention to detail

Tumi pays attention to its products’ minor details: the quality of the zippers, stitching, and the durability of the handles. This attention to detail ensures that Tumi luggage is functional and built to last.

4. Customization

Tumi allows customers to customize their luggage with monogramming and other personalized features. This level of customization will enable customers to create a truly unique and customised piece of luggage.

Is Tumi worth your Money?

Is tumi worth your money

Tumi luggage is often considered expensive for the ones that cost more than $1,000. However, as you know, Tumi has built its reputation on producing high-quality luggage that is made to last a long time.

People who bought their luggage in the past report that they still use it, even five or ten years later. They may have some signs of wear, but they still work. Additionally, Tumi offers a warranty on many of its products, which can provide customers with peace of mind and additional protection for their investment.


It’s possible to find less expensive luggage from other brands; there is often a trade-off between price and quality. Cheaper luggage will be of lower quality materials, which means it can quickly wear out. On the other hand, Tumi luggage is made from premium materials to withstand the wear and tear of frequent travel.

Ultimately, purchasing a Tumi bag comes down to personal taste and budget. While it may be more expensive than other options, the quality and durability of Tumi’s luggage can make it a worthwhile investment.


Which is more expensive, Tumi or Samsonite?

Tumi and Samsonite are both well-known brands of luggage and travel bags. Even though the same parent owns both companies, there is a vast price difference between them. On average, Tumi luggage costs 456% more than Samsonite. This means that you could get 5 Samsonite cases for the price of one Tumi bag.

Are Tumi bags bulletproof?

Although Tumi bags are durable and can withstand wear and tear, they are not bulletproof. Bulletproof materials are typically heavy and inflexible, which makes them impractical for use in luggage, and bags’ luggage material should be something that needs to be lightweight and flexible for ease of use and portability.

Can Tumi bags be washed?

You can wash Tumi bags, but the specific washing instructions will vary depending on the materials and construction of the pack. The simple cleaning instruction which Tumi suggests are below:

1. Use a clean, dry cloth or sponge to remove excess dirt from the fabric.
2. Rub the affected area gently.
3. Then after a few seconds, clean the fabric with a clean damp cloth and let it dry.

Do Tumi bags scratch easily?

Tumi bags are generally known for their durability and high-quality construction. But like any other bag, they can scratch over time with regular use. The degree to which Tumi bags scratch can vary depending on the pack’s type of materials and finish.
Tumi bags made of synthetic materials like nylon or polyester are generally more resistant to scratches than leather bags.

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