How To Store Backpacks Properly At Home? All You Need to Know

Every bag needs a home; if not, it may get damaged, and the cost of fixing and repairing is a lot. If you live in a busy family with many kids and a lot of equipment to keep track of, you should know how to store backpacks properly.

You may have a wardrobe full of bags but could stop buying new ones when they catch your eye. There’s always a different bag type for other occasions, such as a separate pouch for coffee dates, a designer handbag for wedding events, a tote bag to go shopping, or a mini backpack for beach days.

A backpack is your everyday partner. They are stylish, spacious enough to load with whatever you want, and comfortable on your back. Although the bags can take any problematic scenario, you must store them carefully to keep their shape.

To help you, we’ve created a guide on properly storing backpacks. We’ll discuss storage benefits, various options, and the best places to keep your backpacks.

Benefits of Storing Backpacks

When you store your backpack correctly, it will be in good condition and ready to use. So, knowing how to store it is crucial as it will help keep your gear in good shape for future use. It will be easier for you to keep track of everything, and when you store, it will increase the lifespan of the backpacks.

Depending on the backpack style, there are various ways to keep it. If you’re curious to learn more, continue reading for a detailed tutorial on properly storing a backpack.

How to Store Your Backpacks?

how to store your backpacks
  • Empty your backpack.
  • Let the backpack dry.
  • Stuff it with paper.
  • Place desiccant packets.
  • Cover it with plastic wrap.
  • Use labels.

Although it may be easy to toss your backpack onto a shelf or into a crawlspace after a camping trip, knowing methods to store your bag will preserve your investment and ensure that the next time you’re ready to use your backpack.

Here we will discuss a few steps for backpack storage.

Empty Your Backpack

Dump your bag on the ground. Make sure your backpack is empty, and give it a thorough shake. Please clean the pack before storage. Small daypack backpacks can be thrown into the washing machine and put through a regular wash cycle. However, if you have large bags with stiff frames, wash them by hand. First, scrub it with a brush and detergent and rinse it.

Let the Backpack Dry

Don’t store A wet or even slightly damp backpack in the storage. This could cause the bag to develop mold, mildew, or other concerns. If you’ve hand-washed or machine-washed your bag, let it air dry entirely in a place with low humidity.

Stuff it with Paper

The best way to keep a backpack from getting creases or irregular wear is to store it with light filling. It can be packing paper, air-filled packaging or perforated cardboard, etc. When putting a backpack in storage, ensure it has a complete, lightweight filling to maintain its shape when you take it out.

Place Desiccant Packets

If you want to store the backpack in a humid environment, use desiccants packets. These silica-filled packets will absorb the air’s moisture and prevent mold growth and mildew. These packets are available at stores or with newly purchased products. Be cautious about drying the packs out before you use them again.

Cover it with Plastic Wrap

cover your backpack with plastic wrap

In the end, cover the backpack with plastic wrap. It will protect it from dust. If not, you can use a cloth or plastic wrap to protect the pack.

Use Labels

Give a label to each backpack. It’s simple and efficient to use tags to keep your gear organized. Each bag can be given a label to help you identify it and find it quickly when you need it. Additionally, they make it easier to put things back where they belong, which speeds up the organization process.

Where to Store Your Backpacks?

where to store your backpacks
  •  On a rack.
  • Get Cubbies.
  • Use Mudroom
  • Store under beds
  • In Cupboards
  • In your closet

Now you have learned how to store backpacks, let’s look at some incredible places to keep them.

On a Rack

A rack is the most popular form of bag storage. This one is for those with many backpacks and who want easy access. You can use this rack to hang your backpacks and arrange them in a line or trail. Additionally, hooks are included with racks to make attachment quick and straightforward.

Get Cubbies

Some individuals believe that hanging backpacks from hooks looks messy. So, you got other options for storing your stuff, such as bench cubbies. For everyone, cubbies are ideal and tidy storage alternatives. So, if you’re not a rack person, acquire one for yourself.

Use Mudroom

Most American households have a mudroom where they keep their bags and luggage in their homes. Therefore, it is excellent if you have a mudroom; you can use it to store all your backpacks there. And having a mudroom in your house is essential. It makes it easier to maintain an organized and tidy home.

Store Under Beds

The area under the bed is such a storage area that it is frequently overlooked. Often, there is more than enough room for unwanted backpacks here. Depending on your bed size, you might stow away in plastic storage bins under the bed. Alternatively, if there are drawers under the bed, use that spot.

In Cupboards

We all keep our garments, books, and other essentials in a cabinet. So why not keep all of your backpacks in an easy cabinet ? Consider placing your regular purses towards the top and unwanted bags at the end to use the space effectively.

In your Closet

store your backpack in your closet

Another option is the closet. Set your wardrobe so that you get a portion empty at the end. Store your backpacks there.


it is essential to know how to store your backpacks. This will safeguard your gear and make sure that everything is in shape until the next time you use it. The long-term benefits of storing your backpack outweigh the apparent inconvenience of doing so. Remember everything you’ve learned today to choose the best option to keep the gear.

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