10 Most Expensive Designer Handbag Brands in the World

Fashion items from clothing to shoes and different bags are the essentials of every single woman. She never had enough of these accessories. A bag is not just a fashion accessory but stands for your identity and way of life. A Top brand bag could help you steal the show and lighten the room with grace.

This article will walk you through the world’s most expensive and rarest luxury designer bag brand. Let’s feast your eyes on these renowned brands and select one for you.

What is the World’s Most Expensive Handbag?

The most luxurious and expensive bag for women was just introduced in November 2020, and currently, its price is at an astounding €6 million (7.18 million U.S. dollars). Italian luxury handbag designer Maison Boarini Milanesi made this masterpiece.

The purpose behind its creation is to raise awareness about the need to conserve marine life. Its design is turquoise alligator skin with diamond and sapphire-encrusted butterflies

Most Expensive Handbag Brands in the World


Chanel bag

Our top on the list is Chanel. It is a French luxury fashion company with the world’s most expensive bags. The company just celebrated a century of astounding inventions and success. Its brand’s commitment to elegance made it world well-known.

Chanel has gained enormous popularity in handbags; some of their high-end bags are magnificent. Like Chanel’s “Diamond Forever” handbag. The bag contains 334 diamonds, an incredible 3.56 carats, and 18-carat white gold hardware. Its body material is a white alligator leather body.

The bag’s price is £183,000 ($261,000) and is amongst the world’s fourth most expensive bags. Amongst the celebrities, Nicole Kidman and Keira Knightley carry this Chanel bag at events.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Malletier is the name of elegance, luxury, and diversity. Every fashionista will agree that LV’s products have a genuinely handmade quality that sets them apart from other brands. Established in 1854, it produces various luxurious items, including sunglasses, jewelry, watches, accessories, trunks, and leather goods.

Their most expensive iconic masterpiece is the “LV Tribute Patchwork Bag .”It was released in 2007 and had only 24 copies of it. Some reviewers label it the ‘ugliest bag,’ but the brand sold its copies in no time.

The price of the bag is US$45,000. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and Beyonce have one.


Hermes bag

You may have to wait ten years to get a model bag from this brand. Hermes is famous for its exclusivity and limited production. Founded in 1837, Hermès International S.A. is a French luxury design company that sells all products, from lifestyle accessories and perfumes to home furnishings.

Hermès is renowned for its ground-breaking Birkin bags and produces high-quality items built to last. Amongst this brand famous bag there is “Kelly Rose Gold .”Its design is like crocodile leather and made of solid rose gold. The bag also contains 1,160 diamonds embedded at the bag’s top and handle. The bag is worth $ 2 Million. Only 12 pieces of this bag were made, and many celebrities spotted this Hermes bag.



In the industry of jewels and timepieces, Mouawad has taken its place. Mouawad, founded in 1890, is a Swiss and Emirates luxury goods company. Mouawad purses are incredibly luxurious and made to be worn on special occasions, much like its jewelry. Any woman carrying one of these designer bags will undoubtedly be envious of her.

Its most renowned bag, “1001 Nights Diamond Purse,” took ten artists and more than 8,800 hours to make. This bag holds the Guinness World Record as the most expensive purse ever.

The price of this heart-shaped purse is £1.65 million ($2.35m).

Lana Marks

Lana Marks bag

Lana Marks is a self-named fashion brand; owned by an American fashion designer. The brand has almost 150 different handbag styles and 100 different shades available. It boasted about its specialization in exotic leather and gained the title of the most well-known brand worldwide.

The masterpiece which skyrockets the brand’s fame is the “Cleopatra clutch .”The bag’s skin is metallic silver alligator skin. The artistic metalwork contains a fantastic 1500 entirely cut and faceted black and white diamonds encased within 18-carat gold.

Its price is $400,000. Celebrities like Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, and Angelina Jolie are often seen with these brand bags on various occasions.


Gucci bag

The most popular brand among the elite and every day is Gucci. It is an Italian luxury fashion company founded in 1921. This brand is one of the oldest and first became well-known for its luxurious, high-end bags and equestrian accessories.

The Jackie O is one of the well-known Gucci handbag designs. Its price ranges from $980 to $7,500. An essential accessory for any fashionista, a Gucci purse combines modern styles with superb Italian craftsmanship.


Prada bag

A renowned Italy brand Prada was founded in 1913. Prada sells everything from leather purses to shoes, ready-to-wear, travel items, and other fashion accessories. The designs’ originality and Prada signature make this brand so desired by everyone.

Its most famous bag is “The iconic Prada Bowler .”The semi-circle bag is praised for being stylish, timeless, and practical. You can alter several aspects of your bag, such as the exterior fabric and finish, handle color, and handle material.

Its price starts at $480 and goes up to $4,200. Many celebrities have been spotted with a wide variety of Prada Bowler Bags.

Hilde Palladino

Hilde Palladino bags

This brand is owned by a Norwegian designer that created one of the most expensive bags. The bags are designed in Italy and are often embedded with precious stones and diamonds. The company is renowned for producing the planet’s most distinct and elegant handbags.

One of this brand’s most famous and impressive bags is “Gadino .”It is a limited edition by Hilde Palladino made from crocodile skin and 39 rare diamonds. The bag’s worth is $38,470.


Fendi bags

Fendi is another Italian fashion house known for its fashion and leather goods. Founded in 1925, the brand has a strong history of producing only expensive handbag items. It stands out due to its high design level, making it a desirable option. The brand’s hallmark is its all-leather fabrication, which includes crocodile skin, lambskin, etc.

Among the brand’s expensive bags is “Selleria .”The bag costs £26,500 ($38,000) and is made of chinchilla skin. The bag gives a luxurious and sophisticated look, making it popular among all fashionistas.

Marc Jacobs

Marc jacobs bag

Another famous brand among bag lovers is Marc Jacobs. The fashion company was founded by Marc, a creative designer at Louis Vuitton. The brand is known for its creativity and widely available and affordable lines.

The brand well known and expensive bag is “Carolyn Crocodile .”Its build is crocodile skin, and this bag is also available in a blue or purple design.

The bag’s price is £21,000 ($30,000). Celebrities love to wear this exotic, high-end, high-end material-look bag.

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Judith Leiber

Judith Leiber

It is a bag with an innovative shape and embedded innumerable valuable stones. Founded in 1963, Judith Leiber is the brand of a Hungarian-born American designer. Leiber is well known for its crystal minaudières that are fashioned with a metal shell decorated with Swarovski crystals and gold or silver motifs. One of its bags is also seen in Sex and the City.

Leiber’s worldwide famous bag is “Precious Rose .”The stunning 1016 diamonds, totaling 42.56 carats, 1169 pink sapphires, and about 800 tourmalines are set in the decorated rose. The price of the bag is £64,000 ($92,000). It got the attention of handbag enthusiasts all over the world.

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent

With modern minimalism and Parisian monochromatic style, Yves Saint Laurent was founded in 1961. They produce ready-to-wear clothing as well as a variety of accessories, with handbags.

Their top-notch product is the “Sac De Jour” bag. It is a leather tote that illustrates its commitment to simplicity in its purest form and flawless execution. The bag’s price is £ 20,500—celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Erin Andrews, and Ashley Benson sparkle in these bags at various events.

How to Buy Luxury Brand Bags?

How to buy Luxury bag brands

A designer bag is an investment, so you should consider a few things before buying. This could help you get a gorgeous bag that is worth your investment.


Company is an important factor while buying. Each brand offers unique qualities, from Chanel’s Double Flap bag to the renowned and expensive Hermès Birkin. The company name will influence the price tag. This also relates to rarity and exclusivity.


The material of these luxury bags differs depending on the fashion house. The most commonly used is genuine leather. Additionally, color schemes and patterns will also vary among brands. Every brand tries to make a bag that has distinct aesthetics and is easy to spot.


Before buying, you have to check the functionality of the bag. How can you wear it at different events, and how many ways? Like Dior, Wicker Bucket Bag is unsuitable for school or work. So when looking for expensive brand bags, you should look for something that fits your lifestyle.


Price is an essential factor when buying expensive products. Because if you make the wrong investment, it could make a dent in your wallet. Mostly expensive designer bags have a price in 5-figure numbers. So it all depends on the brand, material, and other factors.

Resale value

This factor is essential that many people avoid. It means second-hand sale price. Suppose you are making a considerable investment, so it’s necessary to consider your bag’s double life. Depending on the collection, the most expensive purse brands will likely sell for equal or more money.

How Do to Maintain and Store the Most Expensive Bags?

maintain and store bags

A designer brand bag is your lifetime investment and your constant companion. But everything comes with a price. You have to give them special care to use them for longer.

Routine Maintenance

You have to maintain your bag regularly. Clean it regularly and protect it from stains or accidental spills. Don’t handle your purse if your hands are not clean. To clean the exterior, use an alcohol-free baby wipe.

Remove Stains Immediately

If your bag got any stains, remove them right away. If the bag got food stain, then ideally leave crushed white chalk on the paint for at least a few hours. For pen marks, try softly rubbing it with a white erase but apply too much pressure.

Use Care Products

You can use some care products to take care of your bag, but you have the right one. Use a leather cream with white cloth and softly buff leather now and then. Leather creams are typically sold in shoe repair shops. To restore and clean suede, use a suede brush.

Store them Properly

You could not store these brand bags like ordinary cheap bags. Packing these bags is a technique.  It would help if you had the extra effort to take care of and store them. Ideally, keep them upright and in their dust bags or cotton pillowcases. Avoid stacking bags on top of one other.

Use soft, dry materials like acid-free tissue paper and scarves for stuffing the bag to keep its shape. Always keep them out of the sun’s direct rays.


These brand bags will be a vast investment, but they will shine you out at the event. Which designer bag brand do you like the most?

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