How long do portable chargers last?

Suppose you are on the way to enjoying hiking at Park City Mountain’s base, but suddenly your phone battery dies, and you lose your connection with friends and family. You have all the important stuff relating to your hiking journey on your smartphone. Now, what do you do? 

Of course, you try to find a way to charge your phone. However, charging a phone midway by hand is impossible. What is your next step in such a case, a portable charger? Yes, you need a portable charger that lasts for hours—such a charger to keep your phone alive. But how long does it last? 

While resolving a query about how long portable chargers last, we examined various factors, including the charger’s specifications, battery life cycle, and power pack capacity. A portable charger with a large power capacity and a strong battery lives longer. 

As multiple options are available in the market, choosing the best portable charger is a ferocious row to hoe. If you want a charger for daily use or an extended period, you need a charger built to handle a significant amount of power. Let’s discuss it.

How Long Does a Portable Charger Last?

How long does a portable charger last

The life of a power bank is determined by the number of full charging cycles it can complete. The average lifespan of a portable charger is 1.5-3.5 years. Beyond this, several vital factors determine how long your power bank lasts. 

Do you know what these factors are? Some common factors are; how often you recharge your power bank, the quality and type of power bank you own, and how you use it all affect its potential. Let’s discuss these factors individually

1. Type And Quality of Portable Charger 

Have you ever noticed that the overall status of your power bank decreases by 2-5 percent every month? Why does this happen? This degradation in the power bank’s lifespan depends on the quality and usage of a portable charger when you purchase it.

High-Quality Structure

The first thing that determines a charger’s life is its high-quality structure. If you select portable chargers with a low-quality build, it reduces the expected lifespan significantly. So always look for a reputable company that uses high-quality materials. 

Composition of the Battery

The battery’s composition also plays a vital role in deciding how much a portable charger lasts. Batteries composed of lithium-ion or polymer are most likely to prevent the battery from overcharging and overheating. 

Size of the Battery

Last but not least, the size of the portable charger’s battery also decides its lifespan. Because larger devices use up more of the battery’s charge capacity and require the larger battery to go through more cycles. What are you waiting for? 

2. How often do you Recharge your Power Bank 

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a portable power bank or charger is how often and frequently you use it. A general rule of thumb is that a portable charger should last at least three years before it degrades in quality.

The charger’s life is depleted with each battery charge. You can use a portable charger for over three years if you maintain it correctly. Otherwise, using a portable charger beyond its expiration date can cause overheating and instability. 

3. Charging Duration

A power bank should be able to withstand approximately 600 charges. Still, this number can vary greatly, reaching 2,500 in the best cases, depending on the charging method and the power bank itself. In general, a power bank should last about this long.

The estimated 600 represents a power bank’s complete charging cycle, which happens when it is hooked into an outlet to be recharged. This cycle goes from 100 percent to a charge of 0 percent and then back to 100 percent. It acts like a vicious cycle. 

If only a portion of the charger’s capacity is used each time, which is the correct usage, the total charge increases. Every time a power bank goes through its charging cycle, it loses some of the capacity to store a charge. After some time, the product’s quality begins to decrease. 

Tips to Extend the Power Banks Life

To extend the power of your portable chargers, you don’t need to run in a burning building. All you need is to follow some simple tips and tricks. Following are the helpful tips: 

1. When using a new power bank, make sure it is fully charged.
2. After each use, recharge your power bank immediately.
3. Leave unused power banks uncharged for long periods, as it causes severe damage. 
4. Never use a power bank in humid environments. Try to keep it dry.
5. Place your portable device away from metal objects because there are chances of short-circuiting.
6. Please keep away from extremes of temperature as it causes overheating. 
7, The device should not be used in a bag.


1.5-3.5 years is the average lifespan of a portable charger. However, you can maintain or extend this lifespan by using such batteries that are branded and have better quality and structure. Besides this, to understand how long a power bank lasts, it’s important to know how frequently you use it.  

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What’s the best temperature to operate and store a portable charger?

Regarding the storage temperature of a portable charger, the best operating range is between 0°F and 77° F. But if you want to store a battery for more than a month, then it’s best to keep them at 14°F to 113°F for the first month and 14°F to 95°F for the third month.

How long are portable chargers expected to last?

With the best power banks, 300-500 full charge cycles are easily possible. However, the actual lifetime depends on various variables like battery build and brand and how often the product is used.

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