How to Buy a Perfect Travel Pillow for Kids?

Travel Pillow for Kids

Are you thinking of going on some vacations or any long trips? Then you must have a list of all the essential items which can make your journey memorable and happier for you along with all kids ages. A travel pillow for kids is an essential feature of the list.

Did you ever wonder why a travel pillow is needed? (Especially for kids ages)

The travel pillows are becoming popular day by day. But do you know what they are? They are soft with microbead filling, which keeps the neck and head in place. It is difficult for a grown-up person to maintain posture during the traveling, and if we talk about the kids, there are many incidents where the kids were severely injured because they slept during the ride.

Neck Pillow for Kids

The pillow for kids during traveling helps the child to relax and enjoy the ride. Few kids sleep badly, even in a chair, affecting their neck and shoulders. Kids travel neck pillow was introduced to make the journey easier for parents. A kids neck pillow supports the head and neck of a child traveling in a car.

The kid’s neck pillows are now a must wherever you are traveling. To avoid any mishaps or severe injuries. These travel pillows are highly recommended by many. They provide support and make a person’s neck comfortable.

Buying Guide for Travel Pillow for Kids

The traveling pillow for kids needs to be selected carefully. They have to be soft, feasible, and easy to carry. If you’re visiting a store to purchase a travel pillow, you should consider a few things before purchasing. Some of the most important components are discussed here.


Long-distance traveling needs fewer weight suitcases and hand carriers, especially when you have to oversee kids. The travel pillow must be easy to roll and put in a bag. Otherwise, it will be an additional weight you must carry with your handbags or luggage.

Material Type & Weight

There are many types of kid’s neck pillows available in different materials in the market; some are soft, some are made of polyester, and some are hard so that they can provide firmness too.

The best travel pillow must have a soft material that does not weigh much during traveling, as it will not be easier to carry a heavy pad. Sometimes buying an expensive pillow might cause you a hard decision, but the pillow’s softness will make your neck comfortable and give you a good journey on long car rides.

Some families try to have car rides but need some added comfort. The younger kids are much sleepier, and the proper selection can lead them to sleep soundly.


When you are on a journey, you are on a tight budget. The price of a traveling pillow does matter in many cases, and it is seen that the traveling pillow for kids is much more expensive. The cost of the traveling pad should be economical. The prices vary with styles and materials, and you should always pick the one which is pocket friendly.

Firmness or Softness

The excellent kid’s backbone needs support while he sleeps in a chair, so the traveling pillow must be soft as it affects the neck if it is too stiff. Before buying a traveling pillow, you must be careful with the softness of the pillow. These can also have soft toys attached so kids can play and have a relaxing drive.


There are five styles of traveling pillows, all of which are effective for younger and elder kids too. From all of them, the U-shaped pillow is highly effective for kids during traveling. Whatever style you choose for your kid, you must be careful about their comfy.

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Types of Travel Pillows for Kids

The traveling pillow for kids is of different variety according to their comfortability. The primary purpose of a traveling pad is to provide support to the soft backbone of children that can save them from discomfort and provide support during the journey, whether it is long or short.

There are many kids traveling pillows, toddlers’ neck pillows, and kids’ kids’ neck p; thus, the names are many, and so is the variety. Some kid’s pillows can also be used as leg pads during long car rides.

The traveling pillows are becoming essential day by day. They help in avoiding many accidents during a bumpy ride. With the help of this car pillow, there is no uncomfortable child.

There are a few types of travel pillows available in the market which are used as kids neck pillows.

  • U-Shape.
  • Wrap pillow
  • J-Shape pillow
  • Hourglass pillow
  • Rectangular pillow

All of these shapes are helpful during traveling. Sometimes the traveling pillow can be used as a past entertainment as a soft toy. They have a snap strap to keep the kid’s necks intact. They can also act as their feature toy for kids ages 6-9 months.

The best kids use the pillow during road trips, their heads falling forward.

U-shaped Pillow

U-shaped Pillow

The pillow is shaped like a U, as its name suggests. It is appropriate for children’s necks. Along with the shoulders, the neck’s muscles and bones are supported by this. This also helps the back side of the neck, i.e., the nape and the muscles around it. This is most common to use, but the size of this traveling pillow makes it harder to carry in all places. This pillow can also be attached to the side of the chair to fix its position.

J-shaped Pillow

J-shaped pillow

This pillow shape is suitable able for children. This is a new type of pillow which covers half of the body. It is used across the body where the kid can easily cuddle on that side. This is bulkier and bigger and is challenging to move around with it. It is used for long distances as it is comfortable for sleeping positions.

Wrap Pillow

Wrap pillow

These are also recommended for the children. They are the most flexible and soft pillows in all. The size is also small. It is used as a scarf around the neck, making it easier to carry. The wrap pillow is not recommended for the kids as they need a bulkier pillow for bumpy traveling. It can also be wrapped as a leg pillow.

Hourglass Pillow 

Hourglass pillow

This pillow can also be used in different positions. This pillow can be used to support the neck and backbone, as well as the elbow and knee. Because of its hourglass form, this pillow does not support the channel. And it can be machine washed. It is best as a children’s travel pillow.

 Rectangular Pillow

Rectangular pillow

They look like a giant pillow which is exceedingly difficult to carry in your journey. These are extremely helpful with the kids during log drives and train journeys where there are separate compartments to put the luggage. Having a big pillow everywhere is not an easy job with toddlers around you. It can be folded flat during long-haul flights.

Materials for Kids Travel Pillow


These are the most accessible material to carry around as they can be de-shaped and used with just a few puffs of air. These are soft and portable and can be adjusted to anyone’s neck.

Memory Foam

The name is given as anyone who has used it once will never forget it. They are incredibly soft and provide cushioning kids’ comfort during the journey. The kids can use them in any weather. It is machine washable and cozy as travel pillows.


They are somewhat similar to memory foam; they are soft and can be molded to any shape. These are easy to carry. As these are inflatable, the air can be released in a matter of time.

The Best Travel Pillows for Kids

There are a lot of items on the market, but when buying the traveling pillow should be thoroughly searched, and only the best for the kids should be purchased.

Here we have a list of travel pillows that have a unique ability for traveling purposes. Some are good for the neck, some are for a bumpy ride, and some can provide neck support.

Let us discuss the product’s details.

  • Best Overall – Cushion Lab Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow
  • Best Value – Infinity Pillow
  • Best for Neck Pain – Tempur-Pedic NeckPillow – Travel
  • Most Comfortable – Avocado Mini Pillow
  • Best for Neck Support – Ostrichpillow Go Neck Pillow
  • Best for Side Sleepers – Pillow Cube Sidekick

Cushion Lab Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow

Best Overall
Cushion Lab Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow

Cushion Lab Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow


  • Cooling fabric.
  • 3-Point support system.
  • 360 chin & neck multi-support for any sleeper.
  • Extra support with high-density hyperfoam.
  • Cooling silky smooth washable cover w/ adjustable strap.
  • Compact sized & with carabiner storage pouch.

This is an award-winning product made from a cooling material that can help make the person comfortable during the travel. The kids can feel secure with its 3-dimensional shape. It helps in sleeping on either the right or left side. Also, if the kid is sleeping with his head tilted downwards, it is helpful.

The essential feature is that it comes with a pouch and can be placed in the pocket after completing the journey. It is straightforward to carry the purse with the luggage and the kids. The cooling material does not make the kids sweaty. They fall asleep quickly and comfy.

Infinity Pillow for Kids

Best Value
Infinity Pillow for Kids

Infinity Pillow for Kids


  • Infinity Pillow.
  • Versatile Design.
  • Airy Comfort.
  • Breathable Materials.
  • Machine Washable.

 The kids are sometimes unpredictable during their sleep. For this purpose, you can use this infinity pillow during travel to provide them with ease and comfort. This can be adjusted 360 degrees and relieve your neck with any pressure or stress. They are good in kids chin supporting travel.

It is made of washable material, so if the kids spill some drinks, you do not have to worry about the unpleasant smell, one wash and it’s all set to use again. This pillow is named infinity as it can be used in degrees, whatever your kid is comfortable with. These can be a good companion for family travel. It doesn’t take much space and is a perfect fit for children. 

Tempur-Pedic Neck Pillow

Best For Neck Pain
Tempur-Pedic Neck Pillow

Tempur-Pedic Neck Pillow


  • Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Neck Pillow.
  • Personalized Comfort,
  • Perfect For Travel.
  • Washable & Removable Cover.
  • Durable & Reliable.

This traveling pillow is made from a particular material named Tempur material which is designed not to change the shape. This is machine washable as it has a separate cover which can be passed as per your requirement. The cover can be washed in a dry cleaner and will not change its condition.

Kids can be messy while eating, which helps eat while traveling on a bumpy road. It covers the neck and back and makes them comfortable sitting and playing throughout the journey. It keeps the child’s head and chin and supports older kids too. It is conveniently portable, as it is a flat-able traveling pillow with just a few puffs and is good to use. It is used in family travels and long rides where kids fall asleep. 

Avocado Mini Pillow 

Most Comfortable
Avocado Mini Pillow

Avocado Mini Pillow


  • Polyester.
  • Standard Size – 12″ Wide x 12″ Long..
  • Made from – Soft & moldable viscoelastic memory foam..
  • Printed – With state of the art digital printing technology..
  • Easy to attach with snap fasteners.
  • Comfortable on plane, bus, car, train or at home while watching TV, reading book, naping.

This is extremely attractive for kids as they have a colorful animal design. Sometimes it has hidden magnets too. It features a cover that can be removed and an end zipper that can be removed and washed whenever necessary.

The kids enjoyed playing with this traveling pillow which can be a good distraction during a journey when they are not sleeping. It is soft, comfortable, and contains polyester in it. The polyester makes it molded in any shape to carry throughout the journey. 

Ostrich Pillow Go, Neck Pillow

Best For Neck Support
Ostrich Pillow Go, Neck Pillow

Ostrich Pillow Go, Neck Pillow


  • Dream in Style.
  • Easy To Carry.
  • Custom Feel.
  • Machine Washable Sleeve.
  • It has the perfect materials for a power nap.

 It is one of the best traveling pillows for kids and adults. The size can be adjusted with the patch on at the end of the corner. It is considered a luxurious pillow as it gives 100% support to the neck and the backbone. It can be packed into a bag easily into a bag that is just half as big as it is, making it simpler to transport with children.

It is amazingly comfortable while traveling in an airplane as it gives custom-fit to a toddler’s neck pillows, stopping him from tossing around here and there. It provides support to child’s necks when they are traveling soft-to-nights by car.

Pillow Cube Sidekick

Best For Side Sleepers
Pillow Cube Sidekick

Pillow Cube Sidekick


  • Support your neck and shoulders .
  • Cool and comfortable.
  • Better sleep on your side. 
  • The 5” Thick pillow cube pro is our most popular pillow.

Sometimes the child needs more than neck support while traveling from one place to another. At this time, this cube pillow can help make them sleep in a car or a jeep easily. These are not the best travel pillows to select if you travel on an airplane. But if you are traveling by car or any jeep or train, you can have this on your list as it is a soft-to-nights neck pillow.

It is thick, not easily compressed, and can be washed easily.This traveling pillow needs extra space in your luggage, but since it is soft, it can be folded and put in a bag.

Kids Travel Pillows Reviews

Many traveling pillows are available in the market, and some are comfortable. Some can be compressed and put into a bag, but what makes them most desirable among parents is that they are pocket friendly and can be carried around easily. It can provide head support to a child’s head and neck, and the child’s chin.

There are a few traveling pillows which can be used as a playing toy too; these are flat able pillows, without putting air in them, kids can play with them, at the time of sleeping, little puff of air can make it easier to wrap around their necks and have a comfortable sleep.

There is no comparison between any available products as each is different and can be used in unique styles or positions according to your journey. Some are best for a train; some are comfortable during air travel. Jeeps or car travelers need a proper cube pillow so that their sleep is not affected by the bumps on the road.

Pros and Cons of Pillows for Toddlers

Some people do not believe in using traveling pillows for kids. They thought that it might make their necks ache.

Recent studies show that these traveling pillows can make the beck comfortable for kids, which can be essential for better growth. These kids neck pillows are helpful during flights and keep the kids sleeping.


  • These pillows can be used to secure the neck of the kid.
  • These traveling pillows provide support and a comfortable position while on a long drive.
  • They can be easily manipulated.
  • It can be carried in the hand-carry during any flight.


  • The texture can make rashes on the skin of the child
  • A traveling pillow must be soft. Else it will give some headache.
  • Traveling pillows were needed for only middle-aged kids, and they cannot be used on toddlers.


When a family travels, they strive for a comfortable, safe experience for the children and all members. In this regard, a travel pillow appears to be a smart solution for children to provide a comfortable nap and prevent the child’s head from slipping. This can give them a good mood, and no mood swings mean a peaceful child.

The traveling pillows are very safe for the kids to sleep better during their travel. Even though there are many pillows, the most used traveling pillow for kids is the u-shaped pillow.


Are travel pillows safe for toddlers?

Yes, There are particular toddler neck pillows created for toddlers that are accessible on the market.

Does a travel pillow work while traveling?

Travel pillows support the neck and head of children, toddlers, and sometimes infants. This helps provide children comfort and keeps them from discomfort during travel.

How much does it cost?

The traveling pillows are not expensive. They can come in the range of 10$ to 150$. There are few stores which provide discount offers too.

Is it safe for toddlers to have travel pillows?

All the children must always carry a pillow while going on a trip. This will help you support the neck and head support.

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