10 Best Free Things to do in San Diego

Are you looking for a cheap vacation and low on the budget but with a better break within your pocket and also want some best free things to do in San Diego like free entertainment or free street parking and many more? In the United States, there are several sites, but only one is known as America’s finest city, San Diego. It is on the Pacific Ocean coast and proximately head-to-head to the Mexican borders.

Where you can enjoy an economical trip with lots of free street parking, sandy beach, walking trails, historic buildings, and much more is being provided beyond our imagination for a fine vacation.

We realize that having a vacation is necessary in life, so you should, have selected the right place at the right time. San Diego is a dream vacation for many people, and some visit there just because they can buy cheap food with a lot of free activities around the city. There are many free things to do in San Diego as a traveler.

Consuming fun in San Diego doesn’t mean costing a lot of cash. Lots of things to realize and do here that are unquestionably free. It has within 70 miles of beautiful sandy beach, sunset cliff, almost prefetcher round the year, and a variety of superb surroundings countywide.

Along with stunning scenery, San Diego offers a variety of educational opportunities for youngsters, including the Central Library, San Diego museums, and historical parks.

When To Make Vacation Plans for San Diego

San Diego is full of wonders, and Many sites will capture your heart. You can enjoy the San Diego Museum, ocean beach, and Coronado beach with boat rental facilities.

The best season to plan your vacations is during summer, when the kids get off, and the season is delightful.

You can manage your office online too if you don’t get an off, but don’t miss the opportunity to visit San Diego, the cheapest vacation you can ever imagine.

Fun Facts About San Diego

  • Almost around 35 million tourists and companions fly to San Diego ca every year to make their vacation a memorable moment lifetime.
  • This country has a crazy rule that you will get fined if your Christmas tree lights are lit after the 2nd of Feb.
  • WD-40 world’s most well-known water-displacing lubricant was developed here in San Diego, California.
  • The US navy is the top employer for the citizens of San Diego state.

Why You Should Visit this Finest City in America


The city boasted 90 museums filled with knowledgeable things, and 17 are alone in one place, Balboa Park. For learners and education tours, it is the best place.


They have over 4000 restaurants having the finest culinary from a new startup to extraordinary delicate dining areas.


San Diego gives you picnic areas, historic buildings, seaport villages, theme parks, botanical buildings, and much more where you can make unforgettable photography for your social media accounts.


The city displays a pleasingly chilled and setback ambiance. Pure escapism from the busy metropolis. San Diego is well-known for its welcoming hospitality toward its tourists.

Top 10 Best Free Things to do in San Diego


San Diego Beache

San Diego has almost more than 30 beaches in its 17-mile-long seashore, offering plenty of area for free things like events and activities. It includes famous beaches like a pacific beach, Coronado municipal beach, Torrey pines state beach, moonlight state beach, mission beach, la Jolla shores beach, and much more. These beaches are free of cost. You can visit there any time you want when the weather is favorable. Their beaches are excellent for spending time with family and kids, and you can make fabulous memories in their picnic areas with your loved ones.

People can take lovely sunset view photography, and beautiful scenery is suitable for family and couple photos. In the morning, you may enjoy the benefits of swimming and sunbathing and can also adore the beautiful sunset from different sunset cliffs. At the time of the evening, you can also enjoy a bonfire in fire pits as they are specially made at San Diego beaches for family and friends to have a happy ending to the day at the tip of the pacific beach. You can enjoy sand volleyball courts at mission beach and La Jolla shores.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park

The 1200-acre park is a hub filled with many activities, and if you visited San Diego and haven’t seen this park, then you have missed a lot of things. This park has 17 museums filled with the knowledge of culture, local history of this beautiful city of San Diego, automotive, air and space, historical buildings, theatres, gardens, and restaurants. It has the best attractive botanical garden in California. This garden has almost 2100 permanent plants, including many tropical plants.

This place is so mesmerizing that people can’t stop themselves from taking photos, and for which it is famous for being the best-photographed place in Balboa Park. This park also has a San Diego zoo and safari filled with various animals and birds for adults and kids to enjoy.

It also has different shops like a blacksmith shop to take things for memory and restaurants to enjoy the taste of the culture. There are time-to-time puppet shows for kids and Theaters also in park-like famous Shakespeare, and free summer concerts and events are planned seasonally. Small hiking trails are also made, giving the park an overall view. Balboa Park is truly the core of San Diego, with never-ending varieties.

La Jolla Cave

La Joalla Cave

The La Jolla cave is also the most proper place in San Diego as it has an ecological reserve containing entirely wildlife and landscapes that make unforgettable snapshots. While families are at Jolla cove, they get to have a lot of fun by sunbathing, swimming, and constructing sandcastles at the Children’s Pool area, which receives popularity as this is the spot where sea lions are found during the pupping season every year.

The coastal walking area of La Jolla Cove has cafes and small startup shops having a lovely view of the Pacific Ocean where people can enjoy peace of mind by looking at the low and slow tides. This place is best for a small summer vacation to get a hideout from work. Also, this Jolla Cove is an excellent spot for snorkeling learners as there is La Jolla underwater park.

San Diego Central Library

San Diego Central Library

The Central Library is situated on Park Boulevards. The central library structures over 5.3 million audio-visual materials and books. The upper section of the Library is devoted to rare artifacts and resources describing the 4,000 years of history of the books. The Library hosts free events around the years that tourists can easily catch and enjoy. These free events include activities like Zumba, orchestra, and authors can talk about their books giving and spreading knowledge free.

Sunset Cliffs

SunSet Cliffs in San Diego

Sunset Cliffs are found next to Cabrillo Monument. Tourists say that it is the most excellent place for ocean views. If you are fond of ocean views and its environment and like to spend your day in a little dusty and chilled ocean breeze, this is the right spot to enjoy the vacation, and it doesn’t cost any. San Diego Sunset Cliffs spread across 68 acres of land and run down 1.5 miles along Point Loma, the peninsula’s western coastline.

If you enjoy going on walks and seeing new places, then the Natural Park of sunset cliff is best for you. You can check the surfing from the Crystal pier, which also has an impressive Coronado Ferry landing.

Whether day or night, the sunset cliff and sandstone cliffs give an unforgettable dramatic and stunning ocean view, the best part of this place is that it doesn’t have any opening and closing timing. Most tourists say that morning time is best, but some say the evening is far better, but it’s all up to you whenever you want to visit as there are no restrictions. Sunset cliffs have sign markings that help you understand where the unstable cliffs are. Beware of looking at those to avoid any accidents.

Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel del coronado

On the border of the Pacific, where the powdered white sands shine like gold, the legendary Hotel del Coronado has been located since 1888. The historic and iconic Hotel is a delightful place to walk around and wait not only at the Hotel but also on its grounds because it has a broad and comprehensive beach in the Hotel’s neighborhood.

The foundations of hotels are accessible to tourists and travelers so that people can discover the products that shops sell and enjoy delicious food from cafes. Just the rooms are limited for the visitor; otherwise, the ground is freely open for the people to come and visit, and if they want to stay can choose the best option.

Seaport Village

Seaport village

Seaport Village is open and accessible for people to come and walk around the area. Seaport Village is one most significant test ways to adore San Diego’s Downtown coastline. It is more beautiful than 70 fantastic places to eat, spread across 14 acres.

This port village is within walking distance from downtown San Diego hotels so that people can quickly come and return to their hotels. Additionally, it is merely a 5-minute drive to the airport and the cruise ship terminal. It is not essential whether you are staying for a long time or just going b. You will ultimately feel pleasant. The Seaport Village also hosts the busker festival every year in the spring seas, with street performers who give an entertainment at any cost.

Not only annually but there are also some free special events also happens which includes the “Salsa under the stars” (it is a concert series), outdoor stage shows happen in afternoon regularly which make this place a relaxing and free entertainment one. Watching ships floating away and coming back to the harbor in the afternoon gives the piece of mind.

If you feel hungry, then do take a trip to San Diego Pier Café, which is a well-known restaurant. There are kids-friendly events mainly on the weekends, so don’t miss if it’s a weekend and you are just around the corner, give it a shot.

Old Town San Diego

Old Town San Diego

Old Town San Diego is the first-ever European settlement found in California. It was established in 1769. This Old Town of San Diego is known as the birthplace of modern-day California. This town is preserved with historic museums and buildings for the people to learn and see how the past was for this country.

The landmark building is accessible, including a blacksmith shop, Stewart House, the oldest schoolhouse, and Seeley Stables in San Diego. The Old Town San Diego is famously popular for the site Mexican, American, which is also on the to-do list of vacations.

The town also has authentic and best Mexican cuisine presented by Casa de Reyes, Café Coyote, and Casa Gaund sparkling dining scene. In Old Town San Diego, there are quite a lot of shops that sell handcrafted things from Mexico and also from other Latin American states. Admission to the Old Town State individual museums is free of cost. Though, some museums, like the Junto Serra Museum, encourage you to provide a small donation at the entrance. Free parking is available on the site of the museums so that people don’t hesitate to come.

Presidio Park


The spot where the first European settlements originated in California is this park. It is a great place to appreciate the architecture, adore magnificent views, and discover the historic park. It manages Old Town San Diego and is the place of the actual mission Presidio.

This park is on 40 Acre of land filled with pavilions for families and friends to do a picnic with friends and loved ones, have historical memorials of Historical, and a beautiful green space showing peaceful views.

This fantastic park has free admission, but the administration of the park appreciates the donations received from tourists and visitors. This park contains a number of spots. If you want to enjoy a relaxing lunch or mid-day snack visit, there could be worth any other place. The park also offers free parking on the site.

Sometimes kids enjoy kite flying in the park along with their friends.

San Diego’s Embarcadero

“Embarcadero” is a Spanish word that means “landing place,” and San Diego greets and welcomes cruise ships worldwide. It is the home to USS Midway and all the historic ships and cruises. Travelers can stroll along San Diego’s Embarcadero for hours, get free entertainment, can shop for historical things, and much more.

This place is best for a laid-back day, hang out in the grass drinking juices or coffee while watching the yachts and ships passing by the San Diego embarcadero \ bay. Additionally, a brand-new Waterfront Park has spray fountains installed in it, and a long playground for the children, the weather, and adults can do stretches. While walking on the path of San Diego’s embarcadero, you will also get to look at the seaport village, san Diego bay, unique shops, delicious dine-in restaurants, and a waterfront marketplace.

Bringing the camera is a must for this place as taking photographs is a brilliant way to show others the sights of San Diego. It would be best if you also didn’t miss the number of public artwork on San Diego’s embarcadero. While visiting San Diego’s embarcadero, you can also stop at the maritime museum and take a tour of the seal and the USS Midway Museum.

There are many shrines and monuments which you can go and look at. The best and most famous monument is the “UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER STATUS.” The photographs and shots taken at San Diego’s embarcadero are worth postcards if you want to.

Did We Miss Something?

After all these places, did we miss something to see? Well, there are many more places like San Diego state historic park, sunset cliffs boulevard, harper’s topiary garden, san Diego astronomy association, Belmont park, and last but not least, spruce street suspension bridge. People may take free walking tours of them, which are unique in their own ways.

The sunset cliffs natural park is also a sight to see. There you can also enjoy the San Diego air, which is filled with refreshing scents and seawater scenery. You can also see sea lions from there too. You can also Check out Things to do in Chicago if you plan to visit Chicago.

Festivals of San Diego

  • Brazil Carnival: A long day celebration and entertainment with peacock feathers and glitzy attires.
  • San Diego Greek Festival: A celebration and gala filled with Aegean cuisine and heritage.
  • Pride Parade and Festival: One of America’s biggest pride parades start with themed nights and street parties. Every year, it takes place around the second or third weekend in July.
  • Coronado Flower Show: A springtime festivity held on the beach to have a colorful gala with a fantastic view.
  • The San Diego International Film Festival: a chance for fans to see movies that their favorite celebrities would enjoy.
  • Miramar Air Show: The longest consecutively done military air show in America.
  • CRSSD Festival: This one has Laser shows and bass tracks which people want a lot.
  • San Diego Smooth Jazz Festival: A carnival of all gears in jazz for a single weekend. Chill out with good music and good company.
  • San Diego Surf Film Festival: Carnival for wave-loving movie fans. This surf film has different categories, from best features to best shorts.

Essential Things while Travelling Through San Diego

For San Diego, flexibility is core to having a pleasant and peaceful vacation. For you, we’ve assembled a list of the essential things travelers need to pack during their stay or visit the town of San Diego state.

  • Shorts as San Diego gets Mediterranean winds due to scorching weather, and if most of your time on the trip is outside, then long and unbreathable trousers are not a good choice.
  • A summer dress is a must to bring as it gives you a pleasant look in the photographs and can be used everywhere on the trip.
  • Sneakers are the most important thing for this trip. They should be comfortable and breathable as the maximum time you will cover your journey by walking down from one place to another. Women can also take their walking shoes or sandals.
  • A portable charger \ power bank is precious as you don’t want to miss your vacation time waiting in a café or coffee shop for the phone to get charged. Your phone should always be ready to take beautiful snaps.
  • Swimming gear is essential. Otherwise, you would have to purchase it because you can’t resist going to beaches for surfing and snorkeling due to hot weather.
  • A waterproof phone case is a lifesaver. You don’t want to leave your phone on the beach while swimming, so have this and take your phone with you for underwater pictures without hesitation.


The most challenging decision to make concerning a vacation to San Diego is defining when visiting San Diego and what to do first and seeing the region’s immense and diverse places provided by this country. The tide pools where the boat docks are something you should never miss during your visit to San Diego county. 

The La Jolla cave is most prevalent in free things and in the whole of San Diego, California. It’s a hard decision, so I would suggest going with a checklist. This can make your time managed, and you can visit all the places around which San Diego promises truthfully to provide a remarkable holiday break experience for every tourist and traveler.

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