7 Best North Face Backpacks for Travel and Hiking

Your backpack will hold all your essential belongings while traveling, so you want it to be durable and safe. Having multiple sections, pockets, and dividers is vital if you want it to be organized when traveling. So, get a backpack that carries heavy objects easier while still being kind on your back. Your travels will be easier if you have a good bag.

There are many brands for all types of backpacks. But the most well-known is the North face backpack. It looks like every person has a North Face backpack other than you. Traditions may be more important to certain people than trends, but how many people do you know genuinely enjoy those unremarkable, generic packs? There’s nothing like a premium backpack from The North Face. North Face backpacks are stylish and do their job perfectly.

Before we begin make sure that you know a backpack can be a personal item, it will help you save money while traveling.

Why must you choose North Face?

Why must you choose north face?

The title “The North Face” relates to a mountain’s north face, which is the coldest and most challenging way to the summit. This brand focuses on outdoor clothing and equipment for travelers and adventures. They market backpacks, camping gear, fleeces, sleeping bags, and tents.

It would help if you chose North Face because they designed everything from travel apparel and other gear of high quality. Their stuff is designed with care for every adventure to protect your equipment everywhere you go in the world, regardless of the temperature or experience you undertake. Additionally, North Face backpacks ease the strain of carrying a large load on your back.

If you are a fashion freak and know about many expensive designer bags, you would be surprised that North face also collaborated with Gucci to bring you new innovative backpacks and accessories.

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Best North Face Backpacks

The brand offers hundreds of various backpack types that have a lot of pockets and are spacious enough, making it challenging to choose the right one for your special needs. The North Face backpack comes in a variety of sizes and with certain features.

Here is a list of the top 9 North Face backpacks, and we have looked in-depth at their key features to assist you. Here is what we found:

North Face Jester Backpack

Best Overall
North Face Jester Backpack


  • The Jester pack has been given a modern design with more recycled material.
  • It has a simple interior organization and the ability to stand alone. And the American Chiropractic Association has endorsed it.
  • Its Flex Vent suspension system has a flexible yoke constructed from individually injection-molded and adjustable straps, a cushioned mesh back panel.
  • The front compartment contains zip pockets and an extra-padded tablet sleeve.
  • It also features a laptop compartment of 15.”

The North Face Jester backpack has a stylish look that gives us the freedom to wear it to almost any event. It has a 600D recycled polyester shell with a non-PFC DWR coating for weatherproofing. Because the Jester has a softer polyester shell to the touch, it’s still sturdy and durable.

Substantial padding on the shoulder straps effectively insulates the load from the shoulders. They feel manageable for the size, and the edges dig in. Each shoulder strap has a loop towards the top for hanging items like keychains or carabiners. Water bottle pockets made of mesh fabric are placed at the sides; however, there is no elastic, zipper, or snapping fastener to hold bottles in place. The Jester can stand independently for simple packing, according to The North Face.

There are plenty of compartments inside, including two large mesh pockets for cables, battery banks, and stationery. The laptop sleeve is located toward the rear of the Jester’s main compartment. Due to the substantial padding of the back panel and the inch-long false bottom, your laptop would be well protected.

North Face Berkley Backpack

Budget Friendly
North Face Berkley Backpack


  • The improved Berkeley Daypack, made of fabric with a vintage feel and water-repellent, has side water bottle pockets that keep your belongings dry and your body hydrated.
  • It has a padded back panel and a top handle, making it easy to wear and move.
  • The backpack’s main compartment is roomy with two mesh pouches and a separate 16″ laptop sleeve.
  • Its external, secure-zip pocket protects your valuables.

The North face Berkley daypack has been built on 600D recycled polyester and has a DWR coating to make it weatherproof. The texture of this cloth is very smooth and velvety to the touch. Its “The North Face” woven logo gives a nostalgic vibe with a leather patch right in the center of the front. The backpack sits comfortably upright against your back thanks to its structural frame sheet and dense padding on the back panel. Even when the bag is completely packed, the shoulder straps and back panel work together to provide an incredibly comfortable carry.

Nylon webbing is also included on the shoulder straps so you can attach organizer pouches, hand sanitizer, and other supplies you want easy access. Another exciting feature is invisible” zipper flaps that cover the zipper track. It looks pretty cool and makes it harder for someone to penetrate. But unfortunately, the zippers can be challenging to unzip since they sometimes get stuck beneath the concealed flap.

Its main compartment folds out in a horseshoe shape and is suitable for everyday carry. The laptop sleeve is the bag’s main internal feature. The North Face Daypack’s laptop sleeve is padded on all sides, providing us with confidence that our valuable item is safe.

North Face Fall Line Backpack

North Face Fall Line Backpack


  • The backpack’s main compartment has a padded laptop sleeve that protects the device from blows and accidents.
  • Its internal organization features include a fleece-lined pocket, a zipped pocket, and elastic webbing.
  • The bag’s elastic side panels with a front pocket offer more volume for you to pack.
  • 360 degrees of reflectivity are produced with reflective bike-light loops.

The North Face Fall line backpack is another of the north face’s versatile and spacious bags. Its fabric is made of Nylon and ripstop materials that provide excellent abrasion resistance and durability. The central compartment is deep and significant, allowing you to fit many outerwear items inside. It has a top handle and an adjustable waist belt for a custom fit.

 A sternum strap provides additional safety and support with a buckle. Its straps include enough padding to ensure a tight fit that isn’t too soft and bouncy. A laptop compartment is also specially padded for laptops and tablets. The Flex Vent system offers flexible shoulder straps and a cushioned back with ventilation channels.

It also features 360-degree reflectivity that makes you visible in low light, whether walking to the trailhead in the dark or after dark.

North Face Borealis Backpack

North Face Borealis Backpack


  • It has a Flex Vent suspension system with shoulder straps, a back panel, and soft chemise fabric. It will give comfort and support to your back.
  • The front compartment contains zip compartments and an extra-padded tablet sleeve.
  • This backpack also features a top handle and an adjustable waist belt for a customized fit.
  • Its whistle-buckled sternum strap and 360-degree reflective details give more security and support.

The Borealis Backpack features a more aesthetic design. This pack is available in a wide variety of colors. There is a North face logo on the front of the backpack and a tag on the shoulder straps. This bag has a bungee system that is simple to adjust to match your gear, whether you’re trying to tuck a jacket inside the main pocket to conserve room.

The front compartment opens horseshoe-style and is spacious enough. There is no organization inside, so if you want some segmentation, you should use packing cubes. Like other backpacks, this bag also has Flex Vent technology.

Each strap has a place where you may hook a carabiner for external storage, ensuring that your equipment is always within reach and not taking up room inside the pack—the rear panel, which is heavily padded.

 North Face Hot Shot Camo Backpack

North Face Hot Shot Camo Backpack


  • The backpack is 30 liters, spacious, and durable with front D-door access.
  • For optimal support and ventilation, the backpack has a Flex Vent suspension system which features unique injection-molded shoulder straps.
  • The main compartment also has a fleece-lined, padded laptop sleeve that shields the laptop from damage.
  • The internal organization has a fleece-lined media pocket, zipper pocket, and elastic webbing for cord management.
  • The backpack has stretchable side panels and a front stash pocket to give more volume.

North face camo backpack is a heavy-duty bag with camo print. Its camo print gives a slightly glittery look, making it stylish and modern. Its main compartment is spacious with a fleece-lined pocket, a bungee cord, and a double stretch-mesh water bottle at the exterior. It has a dedicated laptop sleeve that can hold a 15-inch laptop. This bag will be comfy to carry all day, even if it contains many more items.

It features sternum straps, a Flex Vent suspension, and a detachable waist belt. All these features will give optimal support to your body and make it feel lighter. There are numerous interior pockets for organization.

When we look into the interior, it has a fleece-lined media pocket and a safe zippered pocket. There is also elastic webbing for cord management. Its two hidden side pockets of stretch mesh conceal their contents with cushioned, comfortable top haul handle. The bag’s 360 degrees of reflectivity are produced with reflective bike-light loops, water bottle tabs, and shoulder-strap webbing.

North Face Surge Commuter Backpack

North Face Surge Commuter Backpack


  • The surge backpack has 31 liters and is spacious enough for your essentials.
  • It also features the American Chiropractic Association’s coveted approval seal.
  • The Flex Vent suspension system does have a flexible yoke made from a unique injection mold.
  • The backpack has a top handle with a waist belt making it suitable for commuting or travel.
  • A sternum strap provides additional safety and support with a buckle. Reflective details make you more noticeable.

The North face surge backpack is stylish yet fashionable. Its square design serves as a barrier against wider rips and tears. The bottom of the bag has the word “Surge” and the North Face logo right in the center. The backpack is built of Ripstop Nylon, a sturdy and durable material. There are two rows of elastic bands in its external compartments where you can find a carabiner to attach other items.

There are compression straps below that you can use to compress the bag’s bottom for everyday use. A flexible water bottle compartment is located on each side of the bag. In the middle of the backpack is a panel that clearly states “Flex Vent,” which is the rear panel and harness system technology.

Two big, vertical pockets are on the front of the interior side. There are various mesh pockets and a playable padded pocket which works well as storage for small items. The laptop compartment is situated in the back. Overall, the backpack is convenient and comfortable for your travels.

North Face Router Backpack

North Face Router Backpack


  • The Router has a 40-liter capacity and is water-resistant. Additionally, it bears the American Chiropractic Association’s coveted seal of approval.
  • This bag offers a roomy main compartment, a front pocket with internal organization, and a padded tablet sleeve.
  • There is an exterior fleece-lined pocket for valuables and sturdy water bottle pockets.
  • The new Flex Vent suspension system features chemise fabric, back panel, and articulated shoulder straps.

The Router backpack is more than a standard-size regular backpack. It is made of Nylon Matte Ripstop, which gives excellent tear resistance and is dense. The first compartment is of laptop sleeve that is close to your back. It can accommodate up to a 17″ laptop. Next is the main compartment, which is spacious and roomy.

There are nine non-zippered pockets and two zippered pockets to keep your stuff more organized and secure. The backpack uses channeled mesh cushioning on the back to keep you comfortable while wearing it. This backpack’s lack of size and color options is a drawback.

Final Thoughts

North face backpacks come in various ranges and have every feature you want. The best thing about North face is that you can customize your backpack. Get out there and purchase a North Face backpack that is excellent, affordable, and lightweight.


Are North face backpacks waterproof?

Not all North face backpacks are waterproof, but most are water-resistant. Make sure that you visit the product page of your desired bag.

How to clean a north face backpack?

There are different methods to clean a North face backpack. However, there are a few things to take into account. It is usually advisable to wash it by hand to avoid damaging it.

What is the most popular north face backpack?

All backpacks of NF are made of sturdy material and are wear and tear-resistant. The most well-known backpacks are the NF jester backpack, NF Borealis Backpack, NF Berkley backpack, and many more.

Are North Face backpacks bulletproof?

North face backpacks are not bulletproof, but they are made of durable material which protects your stuff from the elements.

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