How to Put a Patch on a Backpack? Step by Step Guide

A traveler’s best gift is the memory he collects through his journey. He packed his backpack and left for the trip. He contains the remains of his journey in his luggage. So how big a load it is doesn’t matter whether it is a 20L or 30L backpack. Patches on the bag show creativity and immortalize memories of your travel.

The patches look wonderful on backpacks. No matter what attire you select, you can display them. No matter what type of patch you style, there are different methods to learn how to put a patch on a backpack.

Many wonderful patch designs are available, but many people still need to learn how to correctly put them in a backpack. So let’s know together how to put a patch on a backpack!

How to Put a Patch on your backpack?

The backpack may tear out after multiple uses. When you come from your trip, store your backpack. It could prevent dust and damage. If your backpack gets worn out, You can put a patch on it to hide it and make it look fashionable.

You can put a patch on the backpack in a variety of ways. We’ll provide you with four different methods to help you complete the task swiftly and efficiently!

How to put a patch on your backpack

Let’s dive deep into each method and learn how to do it quickly and easily.

Sew the Patch on the Backpack

There are two methods to sew the patch on a backpack. You can do it by hand or sew it with a sewing machine

I. Hand Sewing The Patch

Things You’ll Need

  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Patch
  • Fabric scissors
How to do it
  • Gather all the necessary supplies like a patch, fabric scissors, Needle, and Thread.
  • Cut a threaded piece that is 18 inches long. At one end of the thread, tie the knot.
  • Thread the needle. Then Begin to sew in the bottom corner of the patch.
  • Make tiny stitches along the patch’s edge while you sew.
  • Keep the stitches even so that the patch looks clean.
  • In the end, wrap the thread around the patch’s edge, knot it off, and cut the extra.
Sewing Tip: If you are a beginner, select a matching thread to the color of the images’ edge to hide the stitches.

II. Put the Patch by Sewing Machine

Things You’ll Need

  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Patch
  • Fabric Scissors

How to do it

  • Select a heavy-duty thread and thread your sewing machine.
  • Turn on the sewing machine and set it to the straight stitch.
  • Put the patch on the backpack and pin it with straight pins or fabric glue.
  • Start sewing around the edges of the patch.

Attach your patch with Bond

Things You’ll Need

How to do it

  • Place the patch in the desired location of the backpack.
  • Use a lead pencil to mark around the edges of the patch.
  • Move your patch off the backpack and apply fabric glue on the marked area.
  • Take the patch and slowly place it on the glued area.
  • When you place the patch, press it firmly with your hand.
  • Take any heavy object, like a thick book, on the top of the patch. This step will ensure that the patch is firmly stuck to the backpack.
Sewing Hack: Draw a few millimeters behind the patch to ensure the drawn lines cannot be seen after you glue the patch.

Iron a Patch on a Backpack

Things You’ll Need

  • Iron on patches
  • Towel
  • Table
  • Handheld Iron
How to do it
  • Select any heat-resistant surface, such as a table.
  • Set the iron and adjust the temperature to the fabric of your bag; do not use the steam option.
  • Heat the area of the backpack where you want to attach the patch.
  • Place the patch on the desired area and put a towel on it.
  • For 20 seconds, place the iron on top of it and gently press down.
  • Now iron the region in a circular motion to distribute the heat evenly.
  • Now check the patch on your backpack. If it is not attached, put the towel over it again and iron it for 30 seconds.
  • At last, Allow the patch to cool for around 60 seconds.

Attach your Patch with Magnets

Things You’ll Need

  • Two Magnets
  • Bond or glue
  • Patches

How to do it

  • Spread some bond on one side of the patch and the magnet’s backside.
  • Use force to press the magnet and patch it together to form a bond.
  • Now Hold the second magnet inside the desired location on the backpack.
  • Put the glued magnet on it.

Final Thoughts

Now you know it is not hard to put a patch on the backpack. So why not give it a try? Everyone will adore your new style, whether you quickly conceal those unsightly holes or display your personality through creative designs. Happy patching!


How to put the decorative patch in a nylon backpack?

Putting a patch in a nylon backpack is very simple. Get a beautiful and decorative patch for yourself. Then use any of these methods to attach it to your nylon backpack.
1. Sew the patch
2. Iron the patch
3. Bonding it with glue

Is it better to sew or iron the patch?

The preferable way is to sew the patch. When you sew the patch, it will last longer and less likely to sustain damage over time because stitches make a stronger bind than heat-pressed materials.

How to attach the Velcro Patch?

You can attach the velcro patch to your backpack in various ways. The typical method is to use hooked backing and sewing.

Do iron-on patches stay on?

An iron-on patch will typically stay for about 25 wash, which is plenty for many jackets, trousers, and bags. To apply your patches more durably, you must sew them in.

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