How Big is a 20L Backpack? A Guide to a 20L Backpack

When you purchase a backpack, you always check its measurements in liters, highlighted in the description section. Have you ever wondered why backpacks are measured in liters? Well! Litre represents the storage capacity of your backpack. 

The standard volume of a backpack is 20-35L, and 20L is considered goldilocks. That’s why it is important to know how big a 20L backpack is. The importance of gear is based on the internal compartment, either a single part or multiple portions. 

When you purchase a 20L backpack, you always wonder if it is worthwhile to buy it or not. Well! The importance of  20L bags is great for tech students, commuters, and hikers. It is also a great companion for short trips and the gym. Let’s find out how. 

How Big is a 20L Backpack? 

Do you want to know which items you can place easily inside a 20L backpack? While considering the backpack’s size and dimensions, the backpack’s design, like external pockets and straps, is also included. 

To understand the proper size of a backpack, you need to know two things; the dimensions and how much the backpacks weigh. Always remember each backpack has a different dimension and weight. Let’s discuss the dimensions of a 20L backpack individually.

Dimension of a 20L Backpack 

Dimension of a 20L backpack

There are two types of dimensions; internal and external. In the internal dimension, we only measure the interior packing room of the inner compartment. While in the external size, we measure the height, width, and length of the tread of a backpack. 

Dimensions are always measured in inches. Which 20L backpack suits you depending on your height and shoulder size, so check for external dimensions. However, check for its internal dimension to know what fits inside your 20L backpack. 

For instance, the external dimension of a Db Strom is 17.71 x 10.6 x 6.5, while the internal dimension of the same DB Strom is 15 x 10 x 6. Each backpack had different internal and external dimensions. Even the same 20L backpack has different sizes. 

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Weight of a 20L Backpack 

Do two 20L backpacks weigh the same? Never. The weight of a 20L backpack depends on many factors like the type of fabric, shoulder harness system, back panel, hardware material, and other additional features. 

A 20L backpack weighs differently from one another, depending upon various features like an Osprey Daylite Plus weighs 1.39lbs, while the Db Strom weighs 2.18lbs. So if you are searching for lightweight backpacks or mini backpacks, you can also find them in 20L. 

How much does a 20L backpack carry? 

How much does a 20L backpack carry

After knowing about the dimension and weight of a 20L backpack, the other question that stuck in your mind is what items can fit in your 20L backpack. But before nailing this query, you should understand that every 20L backpack has a different storage capacity. 

Depending upon the style and purpose of a backpack, you can place your belongings. For example, a 20L backpack for school can accommodate laptops, but you need help setting your camera gears. So let’s discuss each category of a backpack. 

20L School Backpack 

In a 20L backpack for school, you can place your notebooks, books, and other big folders. You can also put pencils, chargers and a calculator. There are additional storage compartments for laptops and tablets. The list of items includes: 

  • Tech case of 8 x 5.5 x 2 size
  • A 13-inch laptop with a case
  • A pencil case
  • Binder of 1-inch 
  • Water bottle
  • 5 Notebooks

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20L Work Backpack 

Are you a commuter who finds an easy way to assemble your daily work items? A 20L backpack is best for you. You can place your belongings like sweaters, laptops, and paperwork with greater ease. The list of things includes: 

  • A 13-inch laptop with cover 
  • A tablet for daily use 
  • Sweaters
  • Your lunch
  • Charger 
  • Cables

20L Travelling Backpack 

If you love short and light trips, a 20L backpack is best for you. You can place your clothes, deodorant, and toothbrush. The best thing is that you can fit this small bag under an airline seat. But for more extensive trips, choose the best travel backpack. You can hold the following items. 

  • You can place 2-3 days of clothing 
  • A small bag of toiletries 
  • Your socks and underwear 
  • Medium and small packing cubes

20L Gym Backpack 

The 20L backpack is the best fit for your lighter carry and smaller workout essentials. It is the perfect size for placing towels, toiletries, water bottles, and a change of clothes. You can also place your gym items like jumping ropes. You can hold the following items. 

  • Your changing clothes 
  • A towel 
  • A small bag of toiletries 
  • A water bottle
  • You sneakers for daily workout
  • Resistance bands, jumping ropes 
  • Weight lifting belt and gloves. 

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How is a 20L backpack different from a 30L backpack?

How is a 20L backpack different from a 30L backpack?

A 20L backpack is small in size as compared to a 30L backpack. In a 20L backpack, you can fit a top 15 inches laptop in the main compartment, while 30L packs easily fit 16 inches and above laptops. The 30L backpack has 50% extra space. 

The 30L backpack is 200g heavier, 3cm wider, 5cm taller, and 3cm deeper than the 20L backpack. However, the actual size and weight vary individually. You can choose a backpack depending on your need and the size of the great you want to fit in a backpack. 


If you are a schoolboy, commuter, gym rat, or short-trip lover, the 20L backpack is your best companion. You can nicely place your belongings and daily essentials in it. However, each backpack has different dimensions and weights depending on the design and style of the bag. 


Is a 20L Backpack Good for High School? 

If you are a high school student, a 20L backpack is not for you. You can choose a 30L bag or a bigger backpack to hold your laptops, books, and folders.

Can I use a 20L Backpack as an Everyday Backpack?

You can use a 20L backpack for everyday work. Whether it’s a short trip or a workout day, the 20L backpack best fits you. You can place your laptop, gear, and paper folders easily. 

How Big is a 20L backpack?

A 20L backpack is considered goldilocks—not too big or small to carry your items. It is best for school, gym, short hiking trips, and tours. 

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