Best Travel Humidor in 2023 to keep your Cigars Fresh

Are you looking for plans during winter but worried about the best travel Humidor? Now you don’t have to worry about that. We have the portable travel humidor to make your trip more fun and accessible.

What is a travel humidor? A travel humidor is a compact box with a molded lock ring, which helps keep the cigar fresh. It is the best gift for your partner, any cigar aficionado, and cigar aficionado.

These travel humidors are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs. They might take up as little as a few cigars or as much room as ten cigars. It is conveniently transportable with a suitcase.

Complete Buyer’s Guide & Reviews for the Best Travel Humidor

The cigars should be kept in a controlled cigarette case to keep them fresh. The lack of a humidor during a vacation can ruin the cigar.

It is not possible to bring the whole kit on the journey. Travel cigar humidors with tight seals are very common among cigar smokers.

You can also use the travel humidors during a golf course where you can enjoy the tournament with your perfect humidor. If you want to buy a humidor before the travel, ensure that the cigar box has a tight seal to keep the cigar fresh until subsequent use.

Many types of cigars available are made of genuine leather. They have cigar cutters in the humidors too.

Tips for Buying the Best Travel Humidor Case

These humidor cases are a one-time investment. It needs a specific temperature of the humidor to keep the cigar fresh for a longer time.

The best cigar humidor that works best can keep the cigars fresh for five years. It works just as same as wine. Before buying these cases, you must be sure of a few discussed below.


When buying, the first question that comes to mind is, “how much can I afford” this makes you do extensive research to find the best case within your budget limit.

Selecting the Right Size

The humidor cases come in many sizes, according to your own need. It would be best if you did some research as some waterproof humidors are best for traveling while fishing or on a cruise.

There are a few too, which can big boxes, ready to have in your study to enjoy a fresh cigar while reading your favorite book.

Quality of the Humidor to keep Cigars Fresh

If you are researching which quality to buy, then be careful with the quality of the wood or plastic used in making these humidors. The best humidors are lined with cedar wood inside, providing the ideal condition to store the cigars.

Fitting According to your Environment

Most people get a proper box of these humidors in their rooms, study rooms, or wherever they want. These are available in different types of woods, making them part of the furniture. It looks elegant with matching or in contrast with your surroundings.

Need for Vacation

While going for a boy’s weekend trip, one must have some cigars to enjoy the night. The better option is to have a portable humidor that you can carry wherever you travel. These travel humidors are pocket friendly and are readily available in the market.

Best Travel Humidors Available in the Market

One of the best accessories for your traveling is a portable travel humidor. This premium travel humidor is excellent for keeping your precious cigars and cigarettes safe during travel. They will keep your finest cigars in the best condition.

There are a few humidors that contain cigar cutters with them. They can be used in trimming the cigar. Everyone can enjoy the fresh cigar. You can easily carry a cigar throughout the journey, making it memorable and enjoyable with your friends.

There are many humidors in the market, few are built from stainless steel, and some are of soft leather or brown leather.

All of these have an airtight seal, and with their extra storage of cigars, they can easily upgrade your travel.

Different accessories allow you to control the humidity with these humidors. It also looks sophisticated, and many can be impressed by it.

Cigarism Cigar Case

This is very useful in storing cigars during travel, between your drives, and before going to a party.

It does have the cigar cutters to take care of before lighting cigars. These cutters are zinc alloy and steel blades complementing the case.

It also has a jet flame lighter to light your cigar wherever you are. The inside is very soft and comfortable to keep the cigars. It is trendy in the market.

Best Travel Humidor - Cigarism

Cigarism Cigar Case

Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor

This type of travel humidor Comes with several new components, making it popular among customers. Many cigar lovers recommend this product for its extra caring accessories. The cigars have plastic covers inside them which help them to keep the cigars safe during little bumps of the road.

The best feature of this cigar case is that it has an airtight seal. This seal will ensure that the cigars present in the case will not be affected by outside weather. You must be careful with the plastic clasp as it can easily slip and can be damaged cigars.

The cigar caddy has an elegant design to keep one cigar according to your choices.

Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor

Pardo Cigar Travel Humidor Case

It can hold up to 5 cigars in its crush proof case. The inner foam keeps the cigars safe and fresh. The inner foam protects your precious cigars and keeps them from crushing inside the case. Removing the inside foam from the casing is simple to clean.

It Is a must-to-go thing for a weekend guy’s trip. The case is specifically designed to be travel safe and can carry a lighter and a cutter. If you are considering buying this cigar case, be ready to experience good quality with the long-lasting durability of your cigars.

The case dimensions (Inside) are 8.2″ x 3.8″ x 1.55″ while the dimensions (Outside) are 8.80″ x 5.2″ x 2.1″

Best Travel Humidor - Pardo

Pardo Cigar Travel Humidor Case

Flauno Travel Cigar Humidor Case

Here we have another best-quality humidor to keep them fresh throughout the weekend. The kit consists of a cutter along with a shockproof and airtight design. It makes the equipment suitable for the gift to your friends or colleagues.

  • The inner capacity of this cigar humidor case is that it can hold up to 15 cigars of 7.”
  • The inside dimensions are 7.88″ x 3.97″ x 2.55″
  • Whereas the outside dimensions are 8.8″ x 5.18″ x 3.25″.

If you buy a whole package of this cigar humidor kit, it will include the best quality:

  • A travel box.
  • A humidor disc.
  • A stainless-steel cigar cutter.
  • U-shaped foam.
  • A string along with a manual guide to help you use it.

It is the perfect choice for outdoor activities, including some workouts. No bumpy ride can damage your cigar case because of the crush proof cushion present inside it.

The locking clasp and airtight seals make it the perfect choice for exercises and games.

Best Travel Humidor - Flauno

Flauno Travel Cigar Humidor Case

Cigar Caddy 3400-R Blaze 5 Cigar Waterproof Travel Humidors

This cigar case is waterproof as it is made from super-strong molded plastic. The issue can be in the water to 100 feet, and the cigars in the case will be safe.

The case is so tight that it can quickly float on the water. The plastic mold, locking clasps, and stainless-steel hinges make it the best for fishing and swimming.

The case is crushproof from the inside, making it survive the temperature ranging from minus 10 degrees up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Travel Humidor - Cigar Caddy

Cigar Caddy 3400-R

AMANCY Portable Travel Leather Cigar Humidor Case

This humidor case is portable and can be easily used while traveling from one place to another. This case is compact with a modern and elegant design.

The outside is made of leather, while the inside is made of cedar wood to keep the cigars fresh. The design is much shorter as compared to other humidor cases. It is beneficial in using use while playing golf. The company also offers similar humidor cases with your golf kits.

The capacity inside the kit is for only five cigars, but the look and quality are exceptional. The size of the case is a height of 7.9in x diameter of 3 in. the small size with five cigar capacity makes it easier to carry.

Best Travel Humidor - Amacy

Amacy Portable Humidor Case

Reviews About Different Humidor Cases

These humidor cases are the best travel companion humidors. They are straightforward; their plastic outer is airtight, which keeps your cigars fresh.

Some of these humidors have cedar lining making the case quality generally exceptional.

How many cigars do you wish to keep with you while you travel?

There are few which can keepfive5 cigars, some can have the capacity to keep 15 cigars, but there are some which are moderate and control the cigars for quite a while.

  • Excellent grip with the long freshness of cigars can be experienced with these humidors.
  • These humidors are pocket friendly and can be given as a gift.
  • The complete package with these humidor cigars has a stainless cutter, humidifier disc, and a lighter.

How to Use Humidors In Winter Season?

As you know, these humidors are used to keep the cigar fresh by maintaining the temperature and humidity of the box. They are built in a way that allows them to keep the box’s temperature stable.

During winters, the temperature and humidity decrease, and the dryness takes over everything. Sometimes you can also feel a static field in things.

During the winter season, you must be careful of a few things. It can help you maintain the humidor and keep the cigar fresh. If you open the box frequently, the cigars will get dried out, resulting in no smoke.

The correct relative humidity level for a humidor is 65-72%. It can be maintained easily in the humidors.

How to check the Humidor for its Functioning in Winters

During winters, the humidors need a constant check. Follow the steps discussed below to ensure the humidor is working in good condition.

The Water Level of the Humidor

Use some distilled water to maintain the humidity of the humidor.

Air-tight Seal

The box’s seal can be broken, which allows the air to pass, making the cigars useless. Always be sure of the stainless steel clasp or any plastic clasps and if it is not closing correctly, make sure to shift the cigars to a new humidor case.

Checking of Functions Daily

If you have a cigar humidor, you must check it regularly. So that if any problem occurs, you will be able to catch it on time before the cigars are destroyed by getting dry.

How to Re-humidifier the Humidor Case

Most people find it difficult to store cigars safely during winter. It can be challenging if you are not familiar with the right accessories.

Suppose your cigar humidor case is not working correctly and giving issues in keeping the cigars fresh. Then it is time that you must buy boveda humidity control packs.

These small packs can be put in the humidor case, providing the right amount of humidity to your cigar case and making the temperature back according to the cigars.

Comparison between Plastic and Wooden Humidors

If you see around you, the market is full of options for cigar humidor cases. Some are big, some are small, and some are easier to carry around. There are a few which are waterproof too and can be handy while you are traveling.

There is a big difference between plastic humidors and wooden humidors, and let’s discuss the pros and cons of these two to help decide which one is better.

Plastic Cigar Humidors

Plastic humidors are best for traveling or any outdoor exercise, and They are portable travel humidors recommended by many people. They have several patterns and are quite fashionable. They have an airtight clasp which helps the cigars stay fresh.

The cigars are very sensitive to temperature and humidity. These plastic humidors are not very good at doing the work. They can only keep the cigar fresh for 30 days.

The plastic humidor cases are cheap and a perfect accessory for a 24-hour flight as minimal storage space. It can carry 5-15 cigars in them.

Wooden Cigar Humidors

The wooden humidor is the ideal present option if you want to offer something unique to a person, a friend, or a coworker. They are perfect and keep your cigars fresh for more than 30 days.

The best wooden cases are made from Spanish cedar wood, which is recommended by all. It maintains the humidity of the box. These boxes cannot be used while traveling as it requires space and has some weight. These are not recommended on any outdoor trip with your family.

Types of Cutters

When buying a cigar case, you must be careful about the cigar accessories too. It is a crucial component of the subject as well. These accessories are a cutter along with a lighter.

The lighters are almost the same, but when we talk about cutters, different types of cutters come in either cigar cases or openly in the market. These cutters are very sharp, and you must be careful around them.

These cutters can cut the cigar according to your preferences. It can be a v-cut, a straight cut, or a hole punch. It all can be done to your personnel’s liking.

Straight Cut

People make this most common cut on the cigar’s tip before lighting it up. Many cigar aficionados prefer the straight cut on a cigar. To make this cut, the cutter must be sharp.


This type of cut is made on large gauge cigars as they don’t quickly get fit in the cutter. It is tough to make the proper cut on the cigar, so be careful, or your finger might get hurt.

Punch Cut

This is a small hole done on the tip of the cigar. There is a particular type of cutter for this type of cut. However, they are cheaper and can be easily purchased from the market. It can be attached to your key chains too. Some cigar aficionados like to have their cigar cut in this way to enjoy the cigar longer.

How to Cut a Cigar

If you are a new cigar enthusiast, you must use a guide before cutting the cigar as it is an art that requires the right amount of tip to enjoy the cigar fully.

Here we have compiled a few essential steps which can be used to cut the cigar elegantly.

Don’t Be in Hurry to Cut

If you wish to cut the cigar, measure it with the help of your cutter. Take your time to see and line up your cigar. Then make the appropriate cut to enjoy the cigar. Be careful not to cut too far from the head, which will burn the cigar quickly. It will create the problem of burn and taste.

Always Cut One Time Only

The cigar cutter should be sharp and accurate. Multiple cuts on the cigar can make the wrapper unravel, making the cigar useless, and you can’t enjoy the taste entirely.

Practice makes you Perfect

The cigar cutters need a perfect alignment and a sharp blade to cut the cigar. Few wrong cuts can make you cut precisely and perfectly.

Cigars and Traveling Tricks

If you are traveling, you can’t be sure whether these cigar cutters are allowed on the flight or not. It is highly recommended to cut the cigars and put them in your portable cigar case, which you have during your journey.


Many new cigar smokers take it lightly, but keeping a cigar caddy and a travel humidor requires your full attention. These humidors are portable and can be used easily while traveling, but one should be careful in using the cutter or lighter, as first-timers can get hurt.

Some of these cigar cases are small enough to be kept in your pocket, but some severe cigar lovers install a big box of Spanish cedar wood in their homes to enjoy the cigar’s taste and enjoy it fully with their friends.

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